FAQs: Reserving Space

Q: Will I need an account to use the EMS Web App (formerly Virtual EMS)? 
A: You may browse the room reservation system for events and facilities without an account, but will need a brynmawr.edu address to register for an account in order to make a reservation inquiry.

Q: If my student organization is not registered, may I request an account and reserve facilities? 
A: Yes. You may contact Conferences and Events to add your student group, or reserve under a generic group called “student.”

Q: If I want to request a room and it does not come up as a selection, how do I reserve the space?  

A: There are several spaces that one will not see on the EMS Web App (example — Arnecliffe). If you wish to reserve those spaces, contact Conferences and Events who will look into the usage of those spaces for you.

Q: Should I submit individual request for a series or recurring dates?  
A: You may make request for series reservations or recurring dates by clicking on “Recurrence”. You may select daily, weekly, monthly or random recurrence patterns.

Q:  Will the doors be unlocked for my event?  
A: Yes.  A report is sent daily to Campus Safety that indicates when and where confirmed events take place.

Q: How far into the future may I request facilities?  
A: We prefer that you request recurring spaces by semester and not for the entire academic year. You may request individual spaces 12 months in advance.

Q:  May I reserve space in the summer? 
A: We do not confirm student group activities during the summer months but a student can reserve the kitchen at the SGA house. Administrative offices and academic departments can reserve space all 12 months of the year.

Q:  How will I know when my online request for a space has been approved?  
A: You will receive an email confirmation. If there is problem with the request, Conferences will contact you to let you know and work with you to find a solution.

Q: I need to make a change to an existing reservation or I need to cancel an existing reservation. How do I do this?  
A: Call or email the Conferences and Events Office to make any changes to an existing reservation. It is important not to wait until the last minute to make changes so that your needs may be accommodated.

Q: Who do I contact if I want to have food at my event?  
A: Dining Services — 1st Floor of Cartref.  All food service must be provided by them or a waiver must be completed and approved by Dining Services. Please note this is not the case for the dorms which are considered “private” space. When you reserve a space, please indicate that you will be serving food. As soon as the food has been ordered through Dining Service or a waiver has been approved, your space will be confirmed by Conferences and Events. If you are having an event that is not catered by Dining Services, you are required to make sure that all of your food and containers are properly disposed of and that you leave the space as you found it.

Q: May food be served anywhere on campus?  
A: No. Carpenter classrooms do not allow any food — catered or not.

Q:  May I serve alcohol at my event?  
A: Alcohol in any public event will require a bartender supplied by Dining Services. Please contact them directly to make these arrangements.

Q:  How do I arrange to have a party in a public space?  
A: You will need to contact Student Activities in Guild to make arrangements for Party Training as well as complete the paperwork. As soon as the Conferences Office is notified, the space will be confirmed.

Q:  Who do I contact for AV for a band or DJ?  
A: You may request a student sound system through Virtual EMS. You are required to pick up the equipment from Multimedia as well as return it to them.

Q:  How do I reserve a kitchen?  
A: You may reserve the SGA Kitchen which has a full service kitchen and side dining room attached. The kitchen is available for usage 9 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday; 10 a.m. to midnight Saturday and noon to midnight on Sunday. The key must be signed for at the Campus Center Information Desk and returned by midnight. The kitchen is stocked with “basic” supplies. Do not count on any food ingredients to be in the kitchen. You are not to leave anything behind and clean the kitchen upon your departure

Q: May I reserve a living room in a dorm?  
A: Those spaces are considered private and you must contact the dorm president to make arrangements to use the spaces.  For “public” events, we are able to provide chairs and tables as well as AV equipment. Private events requiring multimedia must be reserved through the EMS Web App, but pick up is made directly with Multimedia at 610-526-7449.

Q. Do I have to reserve outdoor space?  
A: Yes. All space on campus short of the dorms must be reserved through the EMS Web App.

Q. May I reserve Schwartz Gym?  
A: Arrangements to use space in the gym are done directly with the Athletic Department. For public events such as a tournament — please contact Conferences to add it to the events list for housekeeping and Campus Safety purposes.

Q.  May I reserve Rhoads Dining Hall?  
A: Yes. If the event is a public event such as a party or performance, you will need to contact Student Activities to complete paperwork. The space will be held until that paperwork is approved.

Q: May I reserve a dance studio?  
A: Yes.  All requests for the dance studios (Denbigh and Pem) should be directly to the Dance Department located in Goodhart. For public events, please contact Conferences who will add it to the daily report.

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