Academic Leave

Academic Leaves allow students on academic warning or probation to engage in work prescribed by the Committee on Academic Standing and resolve the issues that led to leave. The leave may be requested by the student or mandated by the Committee on Academic Standing. Academic leaves last one or two semesters. To help you have an impactful time away, we have created a Leave of Absence Information Checklist to review with your dean as you make plans to take your leave of absence. 

While on leave, students are expected to engage in activities that test their strategies and demonstrate their ability to manage challenging situations, such as employment and volunteer responsibilities as well as coursework at other colleges. Students should consult our transfer credit policy and follow the guidelines set for them by the Committee on Academic Standing regarding the number and nature of courses they take while away. If you take coursework during your time away and would like to receive transfer credit, please complete Transfer Credit Approval Application and the Registrar's Office will be in touch with you regarding whether the coursework is eligible for transfer credit.

To return from emergency leave, a student must submit a re-enrollment application that will be reviewed by the Re-Enrollment Committee.

When a student with an F-1 visa is placed on academic leave, the Dean's Office notifies the Director of International Student and Scholar Services. The Director updates immigration records in order to preserve the student's eligibility to return to the U.S.


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