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Welcome to Bryn Mawr! We are thrilled to welcome you to our community.

If you are a student who has a learning, physical, and/or psychological diagnosis and/or a chronic medical condition and you struggle to access the College’s programs and services because of your symptoms, then you have come to the right office. The purpose of the Access Services office is to assist you with access.

Students are encouraged to contact  Access Services as early as possible in their educational career to discuss any barriers they might anticipate experiencing – or actually experience – while on campus.

Beginning with an intake conversation, the Director or Assistant Director will work with you, and others on campus, when necessary, to first determine eligibility for accommodations. Note that having a diagnosis does not automatically equate to accommodations. To be eligible under the Americans with Disabilities Act for accommodations, you must have a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. If you are eligible, then reasonable accommodations will be identified to minimize the impact of your symptoms as much as possible without altering essential academic or program standards. These accommodations may include the elimination of physical barriers to campus buildings and facilities whenever possible, as well as reasonable academic adjustments when appropriate.

Current relevant documentation of a diagnosis from a qualified professional is generally necessary to help to substantiate eligibility and the impact of current symptoms on academic and/or residential life. Note that a prior history of having received accommodations does not mean that similar accommodations will automatically be implemented at college. Consideration of a student’s current functioning is essential in evaluating eligibility for accommodations.


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Access Services

Access Services
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