Committee on Leadership Development

The task of the Committee on Leadership Development is to propose alumnae/i to serve as members of the Association’s Executive Board as well as Association-nominated trustees and, when requested, participate in the selection of members for task forces, committees and other working groups. Its chair is a member of the Association’s Executive Board and Executive Committee.

2022–23 Committee on Leadership Development

  • Tracey Ohaus '86, Chair
  • Michon Crawford '89
  • Brinda Ganguly '97 
  • Michelle King '98 
  • Leslie Knotts '00
  • Yvonne Manu-Tsikata '86 
  • Jaye Radov Martin, MSS '76
  • Devon Montgomery Pasha '06
  • Chiemi Suzuki '00
  • Deborah "Bea" Swedlow '92, MSS '95
  • Judith Weinstein '85 
  • Marot Williamson '04 

Open Board Positions

Chairperson of the Standing Committee on Career Connections: This Director works in concert with the mission of the Career & Civic Engagement Center to advance connections among alumnae/i and between them and the College in support of career and professional development as well as civic engagement. The Director supports the implementation of relevant strategic objectives established by the Center, champions the use of Bryn Mawr’s adopted career platforms and enhanced personal and professional networking community for alumnae/i and students. The Directors also works to create scalable opportunities for alum-to-alum and alum-to-student connections.

Chairperson of the Committee on Leadership Development: This Director chairs the Committee on Leadership Development (CLD) which oversees the identification and recruitment of Directors and nominates those individuals to serve on the Alumnae Association Executive Board (AAEB). The CLD is also responsible for selecting the Alumnae Representative to the Board of Trustees. The responsibilities of the chair and the CLD include: meeting twice a year to select new AAEB Directors in the fall and new CLD members in the spring. Along with presiding over the CLD meetings, the chair works closely with the ARD staff to make a formal call for nominations to the alumnae/i body, review and organize applications, and maintain a list of candidates for consideration by the CLD for AAEB positions, ad hoc committee or other committees. The chair also presents a slate of potential candidates to the Board of Trustees Committee on Trustees.

Chairperson of the Standing Committee of The Bryn Mawr Fund: This Director chairs the Committee of The Bryn Mawr Fund (CBMF) which supports the work of Bryn Mawr Fund staff and volunteers, ensures diversity, equity, and inclusion, in all aspects of Bryn Mawr Fund work, and inspires a culture of philanthropy for Bryn Mawr among alumnae/i and friends of the College. The Chairperson is a public voice for the importance of giving to the Bryn Mawr Community. Some of the duties include presiding over meetings of the CBMF and the presentation of Reunion Gifts, and providing reports to the AAEB.

Member-At-Large for Special Projects: This Director works on overall board initiatives and projects. These vary from year to year but in the past have included, providing input into the development of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, participation in the development of board vision, mission and goals and a working on the Charter for The Committee on The Bryn Mawr Fund.

    In an effort to make the process more transparent and to attract a more inclusive pool of candidates, we have changed the nominations process. The Committee on Leadership Development (CLD) invites members of the Alumnae Association who would like to serve on the Executive Board (AAEB) in one of the open positions to apply through the AAEB Application link. The application requires some basic biographical information and answering a few questions about your interest, skills, etc. The CLD also invites members of the Alumnae Association to nominate other alums who they think would be strong candidates through the AAEB Nomination Form link. The open positions on the Board and their descriptions can be found on this page.

    After receiving all applications, the CLD will review the candidates and select a slate of nominees to present to the Alumnae Association in the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin and online. Candidates' interests, experience, and skills will be considered. The CLD may contact candidates to ask questions if necessary. The CLD will review candidates in the fall each year, and present the final slate to the Alumnae Association the following spring.


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