Emergency Response Guide

The Department of Campus Safety is the first contact and first responder for all campus emergencies.

  • To reach Campus Safety, dial 7911 from any campus telephone 24 hours a day. Do not first dial "8" for an outside line. 
  • Dial 610-526-7911 from off-campus or cellular phone.

Why call Campus Safety first?

Dialing 911 from a non-campus phone will reach the county emergency services dispatcher, which is less desirable because calling Campus Safety will provide faster fire, ambulance and police response. Outside responders will not be familiar with the names, locations or fastest routes to particular buildings. When you call Campus Safety, they will send immediate assistance, call outside emergency responders for you and direct them to the scene.

View the following subpages for detailed emergency response information and guidance:

General Emergency Response

  • Communications During a Serious Emergency
  • General Building Evacuation
  • Evacuating People With Disabilities
  • Seeking Shelter

Fire Response

  • If a Fire Starts In Your Room, Office, or Elsewhere
  • If You Hear a Fire Alarm
  • If the Room Door is Hot, or You Are Forced Back to Your Room By Smoke
  • Get the Fire Department On Scene Fast
  • Should I Try to Put Out the Fire?
  • Fire Extinguisher Operation
  • Compatibility of Extinguishers and Fires
  • Helping a Person With Clothing or Hair On Fire
  • Fire Alarms and How They Work
  • Fire Safety Precautions

Other Emergencies

  • Injury or Illness
  • Hazardous Material Spill/Release
  • Power or Other Utility Failure
  • Gas Leak
  • Flooding

          Contact Us

          Campus Safety Department

          John Maloney Memorial Building
          Phone: (610) 526-7911

          Lil Burroughs
          Bi-Co Executive Director, Campus Safety
          Phone: (610) 526-7911