Safety Tips

Local Travel

  • Trust your instincts — avoid dangerous situations.
  • Walk with confidence — show that you are aware and in control. Body language works 
  • Walk with a friend whenever possible. 
  • Stay on well lighted and well traveled walks. Do not take short cuts through alleys, wooded areas or parking lots. 
  • If you believe you are being followed, go to a public place and call the police. 
  • Have your keys out as you approach your Residence Hall or parked car. 
  • If you are visiting Haverford College, be aware of the Blue Bus schedule and plan to stay over if you miss the last Blue Bus run. 
  • Avoid jogging or biking alone. If you must go alone, limit it to daylight hours. 
  • Stay alert and aware of your surroundings. 
  • Watch you purse and backpack. Do not leave them unattended anywhere. 
  • If you are going away for the weekend, let your Hall Advisor or friends know. 

Traveling by Car

  • Keep your doors locked and your windows closed while driving, especially when you stop for a traffic light or stop sign.
  • Park in areas that you feel will be well lighted when you return.
  • Always lock you vehicle. 
  • Upon your return, take note of people loitering nearby and check the back seat before entering you vehicle. 
  • Never leave such items as money, iPods, cellular phones or packages on the front or back seat or glove compartment. Keep all valuables in the trunk, out of sight. 
  • When traveling, notify friends and relatives of your route of travel and estimated time of arrival. 
  • Take important phone numbers such as AAA and destination. 
  • If your vehicle breaks down, call 911 for police assistance if you have a cellular phone. If you do not have a cellular phone, remain in your car, turn on your flashers and await police arrival. 
  • If someone stops to help, ask them to call the police or the closest service station. 
  • If you park in a commercial lot, leave only the ignition key with the parking lot attendant, with no personal identifying information. 

Public Transportation

  • Trains: Wait in well lighted areas with other travelers. If you are annoyed or bothered, shout or speak loudly to alert others. Do not be shy about drawing attention to yourself. 
  • Buses: Sit in a aisle seat, preferably near the driver, if such a seat is available. 
  • Taxies: Ask the driver to wait until you enter the building. 

Resident Hall Safety

The Campus Safety Department is working hard to keep our campus safe but it needs your help to reduce thefts and keep others from becoming victims.

Campus thieves are usually interested in:

  • Credit cards, cash and checkbooks
  • Tapes, televisions and compact disc players 
  • Books and bookbags 
  • Bicycles

Most likely crime sites:

  • Residence Halls during break periods & while you are in class 
  • Libraries and Dining facilities when bags are unattended 
  • Athletic Facilities when valuables are not secured in lockers 
  • Academic buildings


  • Do not prop doors
  • Lock your room windows and doors. 
  • Draw curtains and shades at night. 
  • Avoid leaving notes on your door that says you're not in. It is a welcome mat for thieves. 
  • Keep valuables hidden or out of sight. 
  • Confront strangers. Don't be afraid to ask an individual if you can help them find their host or if they need assistance getting directions. 
  • Trust your instincts and call Campus Safety immediately when suspicious people are around. 

Handling Annoying Telephone Calls

  • Always use the telephone on your terms not those of the caller, keep control.
  • Do not give your name. If the caller does not give his or her name, hang up
  • If the caller remains silent, hang up
  • If the caller makes an obscene or suggestive remark, hang up.
  • Remember, a telephone call is just as personal as a face to face conversation.
  • Do not feel obligated to answer questions because the caller sounds "official."
  • Do not answer questions on the phone that you would not answer if they were asked by a stranger on the street. 
  • It is your phone service and your time. 
  • If you are not interested say so.
  • If the caller is rude, annoying, obscene or threatening, hang up and notify Campus Safety

Community Information

No information or safety alerts have been posted as of this date.


Contact Us

Campus Safety Department

John Maloney Memorial Building
Phone: (610) 526-7911

Lil Burroughs
Bi-Co Executive Director, Campus Safety
Phone: (610) 526-7911