Intensives and Workshops

The Career & Civic Engagement Center’s robust (and growing!) catalog of intensives provides many opportunities for students to delve into areas that pique their interests.

Students can explore different industries by learning key concepts and principles, connecting with alumnae and other professionals in the field, and working with case studies. Students can also learn more about themselves as leaders, team members, and individuals with powerful personal narratives.

Workshops are a great way for students to engage with the Career & Civic Engagement Center's core competencies in meaningful, practical, and fun ways. Whether it’s attending a campus workshop to learn skills helpful to new and experienced leaders alike or participating in a cooking challenge off campus, students are encouraged to reflect on the ways in which their understanding of the competencies impacts who they are as leaders and team members.

Feedback from Previous Workshops

The Career & Civic Engagement Center welcomes student feedback via evaluation forms after each offering. 

Finance Intensive “This course was more than I thought it would be. I initially thought it was strictly finance related, but as the week went along I became aware that this course is also about developing oneself professionally. We learned vital skills to navigate internships, interviews, and networking that I would have never known had I not attended.” 

Management Finance “No Bryn Mawr student should graduate without taking this course, Deans should highly recommend it to students and probably make it almost compulsory for seniors.”

Storytelling Intensive “I learned a lot about myself and Bryn Mawr as a community. All the little exercises we did helped develop and hone my public speaking skills. Everything from the improv to the resume workshop to the story telling to the public speaking workshops gave me more tips, advice, and realizations on how to present myself now.”

Vital Voice Vocal Coaches Workshop “It never occurred to me to speak my whole name out loud to anyone else and learn to taste and enjoy my name. I may have known subconsciously, but never thought about how women are taught not to take up space.”

Meeting Planning 101 Workshop “I learned a tremendous amount about how to effectively allow for productivity and input to coexist.”

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