Leadership Learning Laboratory

Assess and Develop your Leadership Skills

The Leadership Learning Laboratory offers students an opportunity to discover their leadership strengths and develop new skills for success in any field by mimicking the challenges and decisions that students will face as leaders in a wide variety of organizations.

Assessment Process

The process begins with an orientation with the students, where the Laboratory is explained thoroughly. Students are then emailed a self-report survey, a leadership assessment, and information concerning the leadership position they will be mimicking the day of the Laboratory.

On the day of the assessment, students participate in five hours of simulated individual and collaborative work activities, which are all part of a single, integrated work place simulation.


The students’ participation in these activities is observed and evaluated by assessors comprised of alumnae, local industry leaders, GSSWSR students, and Career & Civic Engagement Center staff members.  

Individualized Feedback

During the weeks following the Leadership Learning Laboratory, each student meets individually with a member of the assessment team for a 60- to 90-minute feedback session, in which the student’s performance is reviewed including a discussion of strengths and developmental areas.

Personal Development Plan

An individualized plan for personal development and training is created with the assessor. This plan can then be connected to the numerous different offerings that the Career & Civic Engagement Center provides, such as intensives, professional development workshops, one on one counseling, or alumnae programs. The students can then integrate what they have learned into their educational plans to aid in their growth as leaders.  

How to be an Assessor

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