Drupal DropIns

Drupal Drop-Ins

Join us for monthly flexible content trainings!

September 2023 - May 2024

Attention Drupal Users!

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This academic year, College Communications and Web Services are partnering up to bring you Drupal Drop-Ins… and a way to earn FREE LUNCH!

Earn a free lunch with the College Communications and Web Services teams by attending the greatest number of Drupal Drop-Ins this year (attending ALL will ensure that you’re a winner!). We’re holding one Drupal Drop-In each month, September through May, and each session covers a different feature (flexible content) that you can use to help take the Bryn Mawr website to the next level. Free lunch for winners will take place in June.

How to Participate

Drupal Drop-Ins are open to all faculty, staff, and student workers who have Drupal accounts. Join us for these exciting and entertaining sessions, where we’ll review some real-world examples of great flexible content usage and go over best practices that will transform the way your web visitors use and understand your website. Monthly sessions include a review of the flexible content and an open forum to ask us ANY QUESTION AT ALL!

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