Undergraduate Dean’s Office Funding Programs

Undergraduate students may apply for up to $450 to cover some of the costs of faculty-mentored research, independent scholarly projects, or participation in an academic conference to present their own research. Students may receive no more than one Dean’s Office Award per semester and no more than two Awards during their undergraduate career.

Funding for research and projects must be used during the academic year, and the student must be enrolled at the College at the time of application and when the research / project takes place.

Funding to present research at a scholarly conference may be used during the academic year or during winter or summer breaks, as long as the student is enrolled at the College at the time of application, during the semester prior to the travel, and during the semester afterward.

Completed applications are reviewed on a monthly basis. Awards for approved applications will be disbursed until money runs out. The disbursement of funds can take several additional weeks. Awards are processed as fellowships and are considered taxable income.*

For more information and to begin the application process, please follow the links below:

*Students with “nonresident’” status receiving awards that apply to activities that take place in the United States, scholarships, and/or grants in excess of tuition and fees will be required to pay U.S. federal income tax. The tax will appear on the student’s monthly statement account by November for the Fall semester and on the April statement for the Spring semester. A student may be eligible for a refund the following tax year after filing a U.S. federal return. For guidance on filing your federal tax return, please contact Patti Lausch, Assistant Dean for International Student and Scholar Services and Advising, at For guidance on how the tax fellowship is calculated, please contact Christine Eigenbrot at You can also view the Student Employee Taxation of Wages Information Sheet.

Other Academic Year Funding Opportunities

Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellowship

Through the Hanna Holborn Gray Research Fellowship, up to 15 students are selected each summer and have the opportunity to spend the summer conducting independent research. Students receive fellowships of $4,500 while they do research that can either be the beginning of the senior thesis or a project that stands alone, but is relevant to their intellectual interests.


Bryn Mawr's web section covering fellowships offers a wealth of application, process, and deadline information for Bryn Mawr students. Fellowship opportunities include those for students before the senior year, fellowships for seniors and alumnae, and fellowships for graduate students.

Summer Scholarships

A number of scholarships are available for students who want to study abroad over the summer at other institutions. Opportunities for summer study abroad are also offered through Bryn Mawr-administered programs: Institut d'Etudes Françaises d'Avignon and the Russian Language Institute.