Application Materials and Deadlines

The  online application consists of the following:

  • A proposal (approximately 3 double-spaced pages) explaining what you want to do and why. You should:
    --identify your key intellectual interests 
    --explain your reasons for designing the major
    --explain why your interests cannot be accommodated by an established major
    --sketch out some preliminary ideas regarding your senior thesis or capstone project. 

  • A spreadsheet of 11-14  primary courses, giving the institution, department, course number,  credit value and term taken or planned, and another 3-5 alternate courses.  Please see the template for reference.  Please do not save this as a pdf! Your primary course list must include the following:

    • at least seven Bi-College courses. 

    • one or two introductory-level (usually 100-level) courses 

    • least two intermediate (200-level) courses

    • at least three advanced (300- or 400-level) usually taken within the Bi-Co

    • a capstone thesis or project of one or two semesters (ordinarily numbered 403 within the department of your primary adviser). 

    •  You should also includethree to five alternate courses, clearly labeled as alternates, in case planned courses are not available. Make sure you have alternates for both 200 and 300-level courses. 
  • An annotated version of the list above that gives the course name and a brief explanation of how that course fits into your major. 
  • If applicable, an explanation of how you will combine your independent major with other academic commitments (a second major, a minor, pre-health, study abroad, etc). 
  • Faculty adviser evaluations, submitted online.  Please make sure your advisers have a copy of all your application materials.  You should provide them with a link to the online form.


  • the Friday before spring break of the Sophomore year (March 8th, 2024).
  • the Friday of the fourth week of classes in the fall of your junior year (for 2023, this will be September 29).