Major Advising Timetable

In the spring of the freshman year, students should:

  • Attend department information sessions sponsored by the departments that interest them, to find out about specific majors. These teas will take place during the four weeks that follow Spring Break.
  • talk with their deans about the majors that interest them.
  • Talk with the faculty of any classes they are taking in fields they might want to major in. 

In the sophomore year, students should:

In the junior year and senior year, students should:

  • attend department info sessions during the four weeks that follow fall break and the four weeks that follow spring break to welcome prospective majors, talk with other majors, and get to know their departments.
  • attend other departmental functions, including lectures, symposia, dinners, lunches, etc.
  • consult with their major advisers as needed, but at a minimum at the following times:

    (1) in person, at preregistration time in the fall and spring, to obtain advice and have faculty note updates or changes on their online major work plan, and

    (2) in person, during the first week of each semester, to have faculty note updates or changes on their online major workplan, if

    • they have dropped or added any courses in their major, or
    • they were away from the college during preregistration.
    (3) by email, when finalizing their courses while studying abroad.