How Do I Build My Digital Competencies?

You'll build digital competencies throughout your college experience, whether class or during your work, hobbies, and extracurriculars.

To build strong digital competencies:

  • Reflect. What are your strengths? Which digital competencies are the most worthwhile for you to develop? Try looking through the competencies or downloading a detailed self-assessment.​
  • Build. Is there something you want to learn more about? A strength you have that you want to grow? You can build the digital competencies in class, extracurriculars, and hobbies. Like to study on your own? Take a free online course using Bryn Mawr's access to LinkedIn Learning, or explore the resources in many of the competencies areas, curated by students.
  • Articulate. When you need to show all of the skills you've learned, remember the competencies as a frame! The digital competencies are integrated into many the experiences enabled by the Career and Civic Engagement Center and across your time at Bryn Mawr.
  • Iterate! Your digital competencies will continue to grow throughout your experiences, so when you take the time to reflect and synthesize those experiences, you'll often find that your interests have shifted and your skills have expanded. From there, you can find new opportunities to further build your skills and new ways to express your talents.

Are you a faculty member interested in integrating the digital competencies into your classes? Are you a student who wants us to give digital competencies training for your group or club?

We can give workshops, connect you with experts in different techniques, and brainstorm integrations. Contact us!