Full Catering Policy

Bryn Mawr College Dining Services is responsible for providing all food service in public spaces at the College. Any other continuing arrangement for the provision of food service at the College must be authorized by a Director of Dining Services.

The Director of Dining Services may grant exemptions to the policy on a per-individual event basis if the following conditions are met:

  • Dining Services, and Wyndham Catering cannot provide the service requested or has declined to do so.
  • The organization or person making the request provides these forms:

Request for Food and Beverage Waiver

Insurance and Indemnification Agreement

Catering Contract

Certificate of Liability Insurance
This COI is just an example of the form that must be obtained from the Caterer.

In situations where an outside caterer is not providing food or services, a Request for Food/Beverage Waiver is all that is needed.

No potentially hazardous food items will be approved for a Catering Waiver (e.g., items containing protein, dairy, or other ingredients considered to be high risk; items which must be held hot or cold to maintain food safety).

  • Food and Beverage Waiver: The organization or person making the request must submit a completed Request for Food/Beverage Waiver to Dining Services at least 48 hours in advance (2 business days) of the date of the event. This form must then be approved by the Director of Dining Services in order for the office of Conferences and Events to approve the use of College property for the event.
  • All permits and licenses and equipment necessary to operate the food services being provided.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 for the service of food for the time of exemption with Bryn Mawr College
    •  named as the Additionally Insured (under "Description of Operations")
    • and as Certificate Holder.
  • Any organization or person who is granted permission to use an outside caterer must have an Insurance and Indemnification Agreement completed, releasing Bryn Mawr College from any liability flowing from the service of food covered by the exemption. This form must be completed and submitted to the Dining Services office 48 hours (2 business days) prior to the event.
  • The organization or person making the request must provide a copy of a contract signed by the designated caterer agreeing to provide full service catering for the event. (“Full service” is defined as a catered event where food will be delivered, served, temperature held, monitored and cleared away by the hired caterer in accordance with Montgomery County Health Department food safety codes.) Caterers may not provide food for any event unless catered in this manner due to the risk of food-borne illness and its resulting liability to Bryn Mawr College. Our Catering Contract Form is provided to help writing a contract between the customer and the catering provider,

These rules and guidelines apply to food service in all public spaces. Anyone providing food service will be expected to:

  • Set up the necessary tables and chairs prior to the event.
  • Return the room to its original state after the event. 
  • Remove all trash and clean any tables, chairs and floors of debris, food or spills generated by the food service provided.

No catering exemptions shall be granted for events to be held in Wyndham Alumni House, Erdman and New Dorm Dining Halls, or UnCommon Grounds Cafe.

Under no circumstances will outside food services providers be granted use of or access to any of the College's commercial kitchens or the equipment contained in those kitchens.