Park Science Center Renovation and Addition

The Park Science Center is the core of the academic and research community for mathematics and the sciences at Bryn Mawr College. The facility is a collection of interconnected buildings that has been built over time. The renovation transforms the facility to better meet current and future needs of core academic programs.

Project Goals Include:

  • Create spaces designed to maximize student learning and community building.
  • Create gathering spaces for students and faculty to display their work.
  • Re-imagine and create a “science library of the future.”
  • Create research spaces that maximize faculty and student research productivity and interaction.

The project's Phase One, budgeted at $21 million, included a 10,000-square-foot addition and renovation of existing square footage to create new collaborative learning spaces, technology-rich classrooms, and student study areas. It also updated classrooms, teaching labs and research labs, and create a re-imagined science library. Phase One finished in fall 2018.

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