Park Science Renovation: Phase One

In 2017, Bryn Mawr College began the first phase of a renovation of Park Science complex to ensure that Bryn Mawr students and faculty remain at the forefront in STEM fields. Phase One finished in September, 2018.

Phase One Overview

Landscape Plan

Key features:

  • New Entry Plaza: A more pronounced and defined building entry and campus identity.

  • Exterior Pollinator Garden: The existing Courtyard was redesigned to provide a more intimate outdoor gathering and learning space, planted to support beneficial wildlife 

Landscape Plan

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Floorplan: Lower Level Elements

  • Renovated lecture hall

Lower Level Floor Plan

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Floorplan: Level 1 Elements

  • Lower Commons
  • New Seminar Room (159)
  • New Server Room
  • Future “Maker Space”
  • New Modern Physics Lab
  • New Relocated Electronics Teaching Lab
  • Renovated Lecture Hall (180)  

Key Features

The Lower Commons: A flexible learning area on the lower level that provides additional group study and faculty/ student collaboration with state of the art technology to support functions.

Modern Physics Laboratory: A new teaching laboratory located in the lower level of the new addition that includes all new equipment and small “roomettes” for conducting experiments under controlled conditions.

Electronics Lab: A fully renovated electronics lab constructed in the existing building. 

Level 1 Floor Plan

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Floorplan: Level 2 Elements

  • Learning Commons
  • Science Cross Roads
  • Graduate Lounge
  • Study Rooms (2)
  • Seminar Rooms (2)
  • New Classrooms (2)
  • Renovated Classrooms (2) 

Key Features

Learning Commons: A two story learning commons with a mezzanine. This space provides areas for students to meet and collaborate in a variety of settings from clusters of soft seating, large and small group tables, and smaller break-out areas fitted with white boards and chalk boards. This space is flexible to allow for informal collaboration as well as hosted events. 

Science Crossroads: An enhanced public space in the heart of the building. This space will facilitate science on display through the use of state of the art technology and video display capability. The space also serves to organize and enhance circulation and way finding within the building.

Level 2 Floorplan

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Floorplan: Level 3 Elements

  • Upper Learning Commons
  • New Study Areas (2)
  • New Seminar Room (2)
  • Study Rooms (3)
  • Library Study Area
  • Relocated Math Offices (4)
  • Relocated Department Lounges (3) 

Key Feature

Library Study Area: Four study and seminar rooms equipped with technology, black boards and whiteboards for students to study and collaborate. In addition, there are expanded study tables within the library.

Level 3 Floorpplan

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Sustainability Features

The Project is designed to LEED Silver standards. Sustainable features of the project include:

  • High efficiency LED Lighting
  • New, high efficiency heating and ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.
  • State of the art, HVAC and lighting control systems to efficiently manage and reduce energy use.
  • Combination of transparent and opaque façade to allow for daylighting, while limiting solar gain.
  • Rooftop rainwater harvesting to a cistern for use in the College's limited landscape watering program.
  • Raingarden and infiltration of surface stormwater to replenish ground water.
  • Use of building materials with recycled content