Counseling Services Fee
Counseling/psychiatry sessions 1-10 Free*
Counseling/psychiatry sessions 10+  $75
Missed appointment/late cancellation (within 24 hours) $20
Groups/webinars/workshops Free 

No student is ever denied needed care due to financial hardship. If you have questions or concerns about costs, please talk with your counselor about a fee waiver.  

*Whether a client is seen on-campus or referred off-campus is determined by the student's needs and the Counseling Services' capacity to meet those needs given our short-term model. 

Medical Services: Fee

Brief counseling

Nurse, physician, NP visit (undergrads, graduate students with college ins plan) $0
Nurse visit (all students without college ins plan) $0
Physician, NP visit (all students without college ins plan) $40
Physical exam $75
6 month athletic clearance $50
PE for driver's license                 $50
RN injection fee $15
Ear Flush $15
Missed appointment- medical                         $10
Immunizations: Fee

PPD- Tuberculosis skin testing

Flu $30
MMR $100
Tdap                $80
Hepatitis A $130
Hepatitis B $130
HPV                      $250
Meningitis $160
Medications: Fee
Antibiotic ointment $5
Hydrocortisone cream $5
Emergency contraception $15
Vaginal yeast cream $12
Oral contraceptives $15
Albuterol inhaler $70
Imitrex-oral $20
Tamiflu $150
Ciprofloxacin eye drops $15
Diflucan $20
All oral antibiotics $15
Supplies: Fee
Ace wrap $5
Ankle brace $30
Cold pack $5
Minineb (each) $30
Sling $10
Soft cervical collar $15
Splint, arm $15
Thumb splint $5
Laboratory (internal): Fee
Blood draw fee $15
Urinalysis $0
Quick Strep $25
HCG  (urine) $25
Glucose $25
Hemoccult 3 $15

Laboratory (external):

Blood draw fee $15
Comprehensive Metabolic panel $15
Lipid panel $40
Hemoglobin $5
Complete blood count w/differential $10
Iron, total $15
RPR $10
TSH $25
T4, free $10
Urine culture,routine $15
Urinalysis,complete $10
Urinalysis with reflex to culture $30
Throat culture $15
Heterophile, Mono $15
Laboratory (gyn): Fee
GC/CT $20
Pap Thin Prep $55
HSV Culture with Typing $28
HSV Blood Test (typing for I and II) $28
HCG              $20
HIV $18
Pap-liquid-based, under 30 y.o. $80
Pap-liquid-based,  over  30 y.o.  $100
All fees are subject to change based on market cost.  

Regular Health and Wellness Center Hours

Monday-Friday: 1-4 p.m. by appointment only. No walk-in services available. Call 610-526-7360 for an appointment.

There are no weekend appointments. Call campus safety for any emergency.

After Hours Counseling Services

When the College is in session, to speak with a counselor when the Health and Wellness Center is closed, call the Counseling Line at 610-526-7778.