Counseling Services Fee
Counseling/psychiatry sessions 1-10 Free*
Counseling/psychiatry sessions 10+  $75
Missed appointment/late cancellation (within 24 hours) $20
Groups/webinars/workshops Free 
Clinical Case Management Free

No student is ever denied needed care due to financial hardship. If you have questions or concerns about costs, please talk with your counselor about a fee waiver.  

*Whether a client is seen on-campus or referred off-campus is determined by the student's needs and the Counseling Services' capacity to meet those needs given our short-term model. 

Medical Services: Fee

Brief counseling

Nurse, Physician, NP visit -Acute Care $0
GYN annual exam $40
6 month athletic clearance $50
Physical Exam for driver's license, travel, work, study abroad                 $40
RN injection fee $15
Ear Flush $15
Missed appointment- medical                         $10
Immunizations: Fee

PPD- Tuberculosis skin testing

Flu $30
MMR $100
Tdap                $80
Hepatitis A $130
Hepatitis B $130
HPV                      $250
Meningitis $160
Medications: Fee
Antibiotic ointment $5
Hydrocortisone cream $5
Emergency contraception $15
Vaginal yeast cream $12
Oral contraceptives $15
Albuterol inhaler $70
Imitrex-oral $20
Tamiflu $150
Ciprofloxacin eye drops $15
Diflucan $20
All oral antibiotics $15
Supplies: Fee
Ace wrap $5
Ankle brace $30
Cold pack $5
Mini-neb (each) $30
Sling $10
Soft cervical collar $15
Splint, arm $15
Thumb splint $5
Wound / burn care $15
Laboratory (internal): Fee
Blood draw fee $10
Urinalysis $0
Rapid Mono $25
Rapid Flu $25
Rapid Covid Molecular $25
Quick Strep $25
HCG (urine) $25
Glucose $25
Hemoccult 3 $15

Laboratory (external):

Blood draw fee $10
Comprehensive Metabolic panel $15
Lipid panel $40
Hemoglobin $5
Complete blood count w/differential $10
Iron, total $15
RPR $10
TSH $25
T4, free $10
Urine culture, routine $15
Urinalysis, complete $10
Urinalysis with reflex to culture $30
Throat culture $15
Heterophile, Mono $15
Laboratory (gyn): Fee
GC/CT $20
Pap Thin Prep $65
HSV Culture with Typing $28
HSV Blood Test (typing for I and II) $28
HCG              $20
HIV $18
All fees are subject to change based on market cost.  

Regular Health and Wellness Center Hours

Monday-Friday: 9-5 p.m. by appointment only. Please call 610-526-7360 for an appointment.

Saturday 9-2p.m. by appointment only. Call campus safety for any emergency.

After Hours Counseling Services

When the College is in session, to speak with a counselor when the Health and Wellness Center is closed, call the Counseling Line at 610-526-7778.