Roth Communication July 2021

Roth 403(b)

The College Retirement Plan Roth option is now active.  You can elect to make Roth contributions through the Transamerica site:

After you login to the Transamerica site, select "Details", then "Manage" and "Contributions".  Once you are on the "Contributions" screen you will see the separate spaces to enter pre-tax versus Roth contributions.

More information on Roth is available on the Human Resources site.  This includes a link to a brief webinar, "Is Roth Right for You?", which also has instructions on how to add the Roth option.

Roth Information | Bryn Mawr College

Please note that if you are not interested in the Roth option, you do not have to do anything; any contributions that you make will continue on a pre-tax basis.  Only employees who actively elect to direct some or all of their contributions to the Roth feature (through the Transamerica site) will be enrolled in the Roth option.