Payroll Information for Student Workers

Wages and Wage Taxes: The Payroll Office processes student time sheets/Dining Services time cards according to the student payroll schedule on the College's finance website. The electronic student timesheet, the student time sheet instructions, and the student payroll schedule are available here. Student time sheets must be submitted every other Wednesday, according to the student payroll schedule, by 9:30 a.m. (Campus Center) or by noon (Gateway Building) and are paid on Thursday of the following week. Student time sheets may be dropped off at the BMC Post Office Box 1680-A located in the Campus Center, sent via campus mail to the Payroll Department, or dropped off at the Payroll Department located in the Pagoda Building by the deadline. Please take time to review the student time sheet instructions, as incorrect time sheets are not processed.

Federal Income Taxes on wages are based upon your completion of Form W-4. Completion of Form W-4 is part of the process when you create your record with the GLACIER Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance software system.

  • Do not claim exemption from income tax withholding,
  • Request withholding as if you are single, regardless of your actual marital status,
  • Claim only one allowance (if you are a resident of Canada, Mexico, or Korea, you may claim more than one allowance), and,
  • Write “Nonresident Alien” or “NRA” above the dotted line on line 6 of Form W-4.

Note: Students from India should not write “Nonresident Alien” or “NRA” above the dotted line on line 6 of Form W-4, as they are not subject to the withholding adjustment for nonresident aliens.

All students are subject to the PA State Income Taxes of 3.07% of your gross pay every pay period.

We encourage students to claim exemption from the Lower Merion Township PA Local Services Tax of $2/pay period as most students will not earn over $12,000 in the township within a calendar year. Note: The exemption certificate must be completed each calendar year. All employees are required to complete a Local Earned Income Tax Residency Certification Form upon employment and complete a new form if a change of residence occurs. If you reside in a BMC dormitory, you must indicate the dorm name and number as part of your Bryn Mawr address. If you reside off campus, you must provide the complete address on this form.

It is the policy of the College for all employees to have direct deposit for their paychecks. To complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form, visit the Payroll Department in the Pagoda building.

How to view/print your paycheck online: The Payroll Department does not provide hard-copy pay stubs. Using your BiONiC username and password, you can view/print your paycheck information online. Follow the steps below.

  • Log on to BiONiC
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click on “Sign In” button
  • Click on "Self Service" link
  • Click on “Payroll and Compensation” or
  • Click on “View Paycheck” link
  • Click on the Check Date that you would like to view

Note: Adobe Reader is required to view and print your paycheck.

At year-end, wages paid during the calendar year will be reported on Tax Form W-2. These forms will be produced by the Payroll Department on or before Jan. 31 of the next calendar year and will be available electronically if you provide your consent. The consent to receive an electronic Form W-2 is required by the IRS. An employee may either consent and receive their form electronically or not consent and receive a paper form. Read the instructions on how to consent here.

We will notify employees who have consented to receive their Form W-2 via email when their electronic Form W-2 is available in BiONiC for viewing and printing. If you elect to not consent to an electronic copy, then a paper copy will be mailed to your campus box and not to the foreign address on your record.

Fellowships/Scholarships: This income is reported to the Controller’s Office by Financial Aid or by the grantor of the fellowship. Fellowships are processed by the Accounts Payable Department. The fellowship schedule is available online. For taxable fellowships and scholarships (money above the cost of tuition and fees) granted to non-resident aliens, 1042 taxes will be charged to the student’s account and will not be deducted from fellowship payments. The student is responsible for paying this tax. There will be no withholding of 1042 taxes for fellowships for nonresident alien students who are performing their research, training, or study outside of the U.S.

At year-end, taxable fellowships and scholarships paid to nonresident aliens during the calendar year will be reported on Tax Form 1042-S. These forms will be produced by the Payroll Department on or before March 15 of the next calendar year. An electronic copy of your Form 1042-S will be available in GLACIER if you consent to receive an electronic copy in the GLACIER system. If you do not elect an electronic copy, a paper form will be mailed to your campus box and not to the foreign address on your record.

Payroll Office Staff: Megan Radomicki, Payroll Coordinator, 610-526-5267,