College Quantitative Requirements

Tier 1: QR (Quantitative Readiness Requirement)

Every incoming student is required to demonstrate Quantitative Readiness (QR) either by reaching a benchmark on one of these:

  • mSAT
  • mACT
  • Bryn Mawr's Q test (during Customs New Student Orientation)


  • by passing QUAN 001 (Qsem) during the student's first year at Bryn Mawr.

Tier 2: QM (Quantitative & Mathematical Reasoning Requirement)

Every student is required to complete one QM course prior to fall semester of the senior year. Many courses in the Social Sciences, Sciences, and Math fulfill the QM course requirement.

Some classes list QR as a prerequisite. A student may not enroll in these classes before fulfilling the QR requirement.

Some of the courses that list QR as a prerequisite are listed below. Please see BiONiC for additional courses.

  • BIOL 110 Biological Explorations
  • BIOL 201 Genetics 
  • BIOL 215 Experimental Design and Statistics 
  • BIOL 250 Computational Methods in the Sciences 
  • CHEM 103 General Chemistry I   
  • CHEM 211 Organic Chemistry I      
  • CMSC 110 Intro to Computing 
  • CMSC 113 Computer Science I     
  • DSCI 100 Intro to Data Science  
  • ECON 105 Intro to Economics
  • ENVS 202 Environment and Society 
  • GEOL 101 How the Earth Works
  • GEOL 202 Mineralogy and Crystal Chemistry
  • MATH 100 Intro to Calculus
  • MATH 101 Calculus I 
  • MATH 104 Intro to Probability and Statistics
  • PHYS 101 Intro to Physics I
  • PHYS 121 Modern Physics 
  • PHYS 201 Electromagnetism
  • PSYC 105 Introductory Psychology
  • SOCL 265 Quantitative Methods