Tech Trash Removal Procedures

Please follow the steps outlined below to ensure proper disposal.

1. Email and request a pick-up. Please include the following information:

a. Building name.
b. Room number.
c. A list of items to be picked up — tag numbers of computers and descriptions of other items (i.e. 2 huge monitors, an old line printer, and computer 05-9876).
d. The name of the person requesting the pick-up or who can authorize disposal (if not you).

2. Put the tech trash aside in your office, lab, or space and mark it as "tech trash."

3. If something is too large to safely be picked up by a person and a hand truck only, please email Bob Beyer ( so SSSD can make arrangements for removal.


  • Pickup is not always immediate so if this is going to present a problem, please email Bob Beyer ( to obtain a temporary storage location for the tech trash.
  • This procedure is for College-owned (including grant funded) equipment only — please contact the Help Desk ( or x7440) to discuss disposal of any personal computers and devices.
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