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Each spring, the Writing Center accepts applications for the next academic year's staff. The hiring process is open to anyone who wants to apply, but a faculty recommendation is required and the hiring process is competitive.

If one of your students would make a great tutor, please email Jen Callaghan the student's name and class year. Our goal is to assemble a staff that represents the diversity of the student body and its academic interests. Nominations of students with underrepresented identities, multilingual writers, and STEM/Economics/Psychology majors are especially welcome.

Critical Thinking
The ideal candidate thinks quickly, formulates clear, concrete explanations of complicated ideas, and is able to analyze the claims, underlying assumptions, evidence, or implications of an argument.

Tutors tend to be strong, but not necessarily flawless, writers. The student you nominate is thoughtful and articulate when discussing drafts with you and is willing to revise holistically.

Interpersonal Skills
The ideal candidate works well with peers (e.g., is friendly, approachable, patient, empathetic) and is generous during class discussions by listening, asking questions, and building on others' comments.

Tutors work independently, so they must be reliable and mature. The ideal candidate was a responsible citizen in your course, attending class, arriving on time and prepared, and meeting deadlines.


  • Fluency in a language other than English
  • Interest in writing, teaching, and mentoring
  • Creativity
  • Intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for ideas

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