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Vanessa Petroj

Areas of Focus
Rhetoric and composition, spoken and written multilingualism, linguistics, code-switching, contrastive grammar, reading comprehension. ...
Phone 610-526-7743
Location English House 207
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Leadership Team

Chloe Bricker '25
Sofia Diaz '24
Lillian Ernst '24
Tessa Famatigan '24

Writing Consultants

Graduate Students in Arts & Sciences

Meg Hankel | GSAS Writing Specialist
Meg is a doctoral candidate in history of art. She provides consultations to graduate students from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences on writing tasks of any kind: coursework, conference papers, articles, dissertations, and job market materials.


Graziella Pierangeli '24 | Literatures in English, minors in Philosophy and Museum Studies
Graziella is very excited to be working at the Writing Center this year! She is originally from Edwards, Colorado. She is a big fan of Pride and Prejudice, hiking, and porcini mushrooms.

Katie Schroeer '24 | Environmental Studies, minor in Political Science
Katie (she/her) is delighted that her utter disregard for page limits has not prevented her from joining the amazing Writing Center crew! She is deeply Minnesotan, but would love to hear about the regional politics, linguistic quirks, or weird niche festivals of your hometown. When she’s not reading or writing, you can find her hauling ice at New Dorm, harassing politicians with Sunrise Bryn Mawr, staring at the stars, or eating raspberries in the community garden.

Lillian Ernst '24 | International Studies, minor in French
Lillian (she/her) is excited to be a part of the Writing Center staff for her third year! From the San Francisco Bay Area, Lillian is majoring in International Studies with a minor in French. She loves picking out a great outfit, sunbathing on rocks, exploring Greater Philadelphia, tattoos, and having a sweet treat. She is passionate in her work and, as a user of the Writing Center herself, encourages everyone to sign up for appointments!

Michelle Waksman '24 | Political Science, minor in History
Michelle (she/her) is excited for her second year working at the Writing Center! Originally from Yardley, PA, she is majoring in political science and minoring in history. Michelle enjoys reading, writing, and drinking lots of coffee. When not working or in class, you can find her cooking in the Well's Kosher Kitchen or watching way too much reality TV. 

Regan Riehl '24 | Literatures in English, concentration in Creative Writing, minor in Theater
Regan (she/they) is a senior from central New Jersey. She loves writing plays, performing, baking, and sewing. Regan is thrilled to be a writing and public speaking tutor this year, and she looks for to working with everyone!

Sankeerthna Vedamtam '24 | Romance Languages, French, and Psychology
Sankeerthna (she/her) is deeply in love with languages and Indian film music and will probably start lecturing on it at the drop of a hat. You can also find her having a great time stanning kpop groups and catching movies at the BMFI in her (very limited) free time! When she’s not working or in class, she'll be sleeping or off visiting New Jersey.

Sofia Diaz '24 | Political Science, minor in Philosophy, concentration in Peace, Justice, & Human Rights
Sofia is excited to be back at the Writing Center for her third year! She enjoys working with students from all disciplines, but always has a particularly good time working with students in Poli Sci and English classes. When she’s not tutoring, she enjoys reading Isabel Allende novels, watching Saturday Night Live, and spending time with her two dogs, Kodi and Finn.

Tessa Famatigan '24 | Sociology and Literatures in English
Tessa (she/they) is delighted to be working her third year in the Writing Center! Hailing from El Paso, TX, Tessa unapologetically inserts “y’all” into every interaction she has. When she isn’t singing with the Acabellas, having fun with FSA, or exploring museums in Philly, you can find her enjoying a warm cup of tea, honing her jewelry-making skills, or obsessing over her newest find in Asian diasporic literature. With a special appreciation for the artistry of punctuation and the originality of every writer’s voice, Tessa is beyond excited to work with you!

Zoë Kaufmann '23 | History, minors in History of Art and French
Zoë is so excited to be back at the Writing Center this year! She hails from scenic Bethesda, Maryland, and when she’s not at the Writing Center, you can find her in Carpenter talking about early modern Jewish history, Bruce Springsteen, or fantasy novels written by women.  


Chloe Bricker '25 | Neuroscience
Chloe (they/she) is from Los Angeles. Outside of the Writing Center, they like to watch reality TV, make origami cranes, listen to podcasts, eat Twizzlers, and find an excuse to talk about their cats. As a STEM major, she can help with lab reports or other STEM papers. 

Chloe Morgen '25 | Literatures in English
Chloe (she/they) is from Atlanta, Georgia and is majoring in Literatures in English with a minor in religious studies. Outside of the Writing Center they enjoy reading, tattoos, spending time with friends, and music. Some of their favorite artists include Neko Case and Sierra Ferrell.

Elez Beresin-Scher '25 | Sociology, minor in Religion
Elez (she/her) is from DC and is a sociology major with a concentration in gender and society. At school she is a member of the softball club, Jewish Voice for Peace, and the FUCS board at Haverford. Away from school she works on a small farm and loves cooking, live music, banagrams, and arts and crafts.

Elinor Rivera '25 | Physics
Elinor (she/her) is so excited to be back working in the Writing Center this spring! She is a third-year physics major and enjoys taking interdisciplinary courses in lots of different departments. Outside of work, she loves Scottish country dancing, listening to music, baking, drinking tea, and going for long walks.

Hannah Cosgrove '25 | Geology, minor in Spanish
Hannah is from Old Lyme, Connecticut. Hannah loves to spend time with friends, work in the garden, and go to the gym in their free time! They are very excited to return for another year as a Writing Center tutor.

Megan McDonald'25 | Chemistry, minor in Literatures in English
Megan (she/her) is from Tarpon Springs, FL, and has also lived in Iowa and New Jersey. She loves playing Stardew Valley or Sims in her free time. Outside of the Writing Center, she is a Hall Advisor in Brecon and runs with the XC/track team.

Ramla Mohammed '25 | Computer Science
Ramla is from Valley Cottage, New York. Outside of classes and work you can probably find her at your local Target, irresponsibly spending all the money she made tutoring you. She loves late night drives and walks, listening to music, watching anime, and weekly movie nights with her friends.

Veronica Mellado '25 | Spanish, minor in LAILS
Veronica is really excited to work at the Writing Center! She is originally from Houston, Texas (go Astros!) and enjoys playing anything from Spanish rock to Indie on the guitar. Outside of class, you can catch her working at the Impact Center, dancing with Pulso, or studying at the Lusty Cup.

Zoe Balk '25 | International Studies, minor in Chinese
Zoe is an International Studies major with an elective track focusing on China and a Chinese minor originally from Wayne, PA. She is obsessed with learning languages and loves to read classics and YA books, write creatively, eat spicy food, and hang out with friends. Zoe is excited to join the Writing Center this year to pursue another passion, helping other students to enjoy the process of writing as much as she does!


Camille Lopez '26 | Undeclared
Camille (she/her) is excited to work at the Writing Center and is from Lawrence, MA. Her favorite things to do are eat apple cider donuts, hang out with friends, listen to music, and watch films in her dorm. Outside of the Writing Center, you can find her on SGA, coordinating CARLA events, or laughing at Erd Dining Hall!

Caroline Battersby '26 | Undeclared
Caroline is so excited to be working at the Writing Center this year! She is from the San Francisco Bay Area and hopes to major in comparative literature (English and German) with a potential minor in data science. Outside of class and work, she loves to read and writes for the Bi-Co News. She also spends an absurd amount of time watching truly terrible shark and/or piranha movies with her friends.

Filomena Baker '26 | Undeclared
Filomena (she/her) is currently a sophomore and a probable political science major. She is so excited to be working at the Writing Center this year. When she’s not tutoring, she likes to read, write, log on letterboxd, and play Sudoku.

Nada Elshafay '26 | Undeclared
Nada hails all the way from Cairo, Egypt. She intends to double major in Cities and Fine Arts. This is her first year at the writing center, and she’s beyond excited to work with you! When she's not at Bryn Mawr writing about classical architecture, you'll find her bending metal at Haverford's sculpture studio, vlogging, or listening to Disney music while crafting elaborate travel plans that have yet to come true.

Nora Hugo '26 | Undeclared
Nora (she/her) hails from Portland, Oregon, and whatever you assume about anyone from Portland, Oregon, is probably true of her. She enjoys cozy days (a good book and snacks required), picnics, and rewatching her five favorite shows on repeat. When she’s not working, she can be found trying to study in Carpenter Library or enjoying game nights with her friends.

Nyla McNeil '26 | Undeclared
Nyla (she/her) is very excited to start her first year at the Writing Center! She’s currently living in Odenton, Maryland, but was raised in Houston Texas! In her free time, she loves going to museums, reading, blowing her savings on DoorDash, and hanging out with friends!

Rachael Finke '26 | Undeclared
Rachael (she/her) is excited to start working in the Writing Center this school year! She is a prospective double major in French and Political Science and comes from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Outside of school and work, she loves playing violin in the Bi-Co music program, listening to all kinds of podcasts (she welcomes recommendations!), going for walks, and drinking cappuccinos.

Sydney Schmidt-Nowara '26 | Undeclared
Sydney is from Brooklyn, NY, and is super excited for her first year working at the Writing Center! In her free time, Sydney loves to talk about reality dating shows, daydream about fun outfits, and spend time with her friends.

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