Writing Partners

A writing partnership is a guaranteed, weekly appointment with a Writing Center tutor. Over the course of the semester, your partner gets to know you and your writing process and helps you set long term goals for improving as a writer.

Partners might use their time together in a number of ways:

  • to review writing assignments and strategize ways to approach them
  • to talk out ideas for papers
  • to discuss drafts
  • to revise and copy edit
  • to discuss course readings and figure out how to use them effectively in writing
  • to explore resources that will make you a better writer.

Having a writing partner is like having a personal trainer for your brain! It's great for senior thesis writers, students taking classes with lots of writing assignments, frequent Writing Center patrons, students making the transition to college writing, or writers who procrastinate or have writer's block. The time commitment is small, but the payoff in terms of becoming a better writer is huge.

To request a writing partner, contact Writing Center Leadership Team member Zoë Kaufmann '23 (zkaufmann).

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