Arlo Brandon Weil

Marion Bridgman Slusser Professor in the Sciences and Chair and Professor of Geology


Phone 610-526-5113
Location Park 195


Areas of Focus

Structural Geology, Geophysics, Paleomagnetism, and Tectonics


Research Interests

Paleomagnetism and rock magnetism and their applications to mountain building processes and global paleogeography.  Particular areas of study include: fold-thrust belt kinematics, the formation of curved orogenic belts, Precambrian paleogeography, the construction and destruction of supercontinents, the causes and consequences of remagnetization, the use of anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility in understanding the evolution of strain in weakly deformed rocks.  Field locations include: British Columbia, Spain, Portugal, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, Utah, North Carolina, and Morocco.

Five Selected Publications

Weil, A.B., Van der Voo, R., MacNiocall, C., and Meert, G.M. The Proterozoic supercontinent Rodinia: Paleomagnetically derived reconstructions for the 1,100 to 800 MA interval. Earth and Planeytary Science Letters, 154, 13-24, 1998.

Weil, A.B., Van der Voo, R., and van der Pluijm, B.  New Paleomagnetic data from the southern Cantabria-Asturias Arc, northern Spain: Implications for true oroclinal rotation and the final amalgamation of Pangea. Geology, 29, 991-994, 2001.

Weil, A.B., and Van der Voo, R. Insights into the mechanism for orogenic carbonate remagnetization from growth of autheginic Fe-oxide: A SEM and rock magnetic study of Devonian carbonates from Northern Spain. Journal of Geophysical Research, 107, B4, 2002.

Weil, A.B., Classification of curved orogens based on the timing reelationships between structural developement and vertical-axis rotations. in: Paleomagnetic and structural analysis of orgenic curvature; eds. Weil, A.B., and Sussman, A. Geological Society of America Specail Paper 383, 1-17, 2004.

Weil, A.B., Yonkee, A., and Sussman, A.  Reconstructing the kinematics of thrust sheet rotation: a paleomagnetic study of redbeds from the Wyoming Salient, U.S.A. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 2008.