Ellie Esmond

Director of Civic Engagement
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Phone 610-526-6591
Location Student Life & Wellness Bldg 117



M.A., Rutgers University.
B.A., James Madison University.



Postitivity:  I am a very optimistic person by nature—I cannot help but see hope and possibility in most situations.  Working in social justice and service-related work, my positivity is helpful because I continue to believe change is always possible.

Empathy:  In addition to trying hard to always see things from multiple perspectives, I also use empathy to bridge gaps between groups, to try to anticipate the needs of others when I can, and to help encourage people to share their own feelings.

Includer:  I enjoy welcoming others in to groups, teams, and projects and really enjoy getting to know new people.

Teamwork:  I love working in teams and collaborating on projects.  As a twin, I’ve always had a partner.  I feel like this has informed my work style and my love of teamwork throughout my life.

Social JusticeI believe strongly in the power of individuals and groups to create social change and I am committed to bringing social justice values of challenging inequality, working collaboratively and in solidarity to dismantle systems of oppression, and recognizing the dignity and value of all people to my work in Civic Engagement.

My first job after college was: a Bookseller at Barnes & Noble.  I loved working in retail and in customer service, plus I was surrounded by books all day!  Working to serve customers with a wide variety of needs and interests feels relevant to my work now with students, community partners, and community members who also approach the office with lots of different ideas, interests, needs, and goals. 

My job during college was: an Information Desk attendant at the JMU Center for Off Campus Life which supported commuter students, helped them access off campus housing, and provided help with navigating landlord-tenant issues.  I also worked as a server at an off-campus restaurant—a job I really enjoyed. 

My favorite spot on campus is: Taft Garden.  Every time I visit, I feel like I’ve stumbled upon a secret spot that no one else knows about.  It’s beautiful in every season, especially spring, and makes me feel peaceful and reflective.

Things I enjoy outside of work: include reading, knitting, traveling, and trying new restaurants.  I have an 8 year old son and two ten year old cats who I also love spending time with.

Ellie Esmond began working at Bryn Mawr College in 2000 when Civic Engagement was still known as the Community Service Office. Ellie works with individual students and student groups who want to become engaged in the community through direct service, internships, activism, and advocacy. She also works with community members and local and national organizations to help develop and publicize civic engagement opportunities to students.

She has helped to develop programs like Community Based Work Study, Summer of Service, and LEAP—Leadership, Empowerment, and Advancement Program. One of her favorite things about working with Bryn Mawr students is learning about their many interests and working with them to find opportunities to both learn and grow through meaningful engagement with the community.

Originally from Virginia, Ellie attended James Madison University and majored in English with a minor in Women’s Studies. She received her Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies from Rutgers University before starting her career at Bryn Mawr College.

Ellie currently resides in Southern New Jersey with her husband, Kevin, their son, Paul, and two overweight cats, Alice and Mo.