Xuemei May Cheng

Dean of Graduate Studies, Professor of Physics and the Rachel C. Hale Professor in the Sciences and Mathematics
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Phone 610-526-5357
Location Old Library 121



Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University


Xuemei May Cheng is a Professor of Physics and Dean of Graduate Studies at Bryn Mawr College. She received her B.S. in Physics and M.S. in Microelectronics and Solid-State Electronics from Nanjing University. She continued her graduate studies at Johns Hopkins University, where she earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics in 2004 and 2006, respectively. After a postdoctoral fellowship in the X-ray Science Division of Argonne National Laboratory, she joined Bryn Mawr's faculty in 2009. She has taught a broad range of physics lectures, laboratories, and seminars at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

Her research focuses on the fabrication and characterization of nanomaterials as well as their applications in magnetic data storage and biomedical engineering. With her expertise in the sputtering deposition of thin films and synchrotron x-ray spectra and imaging, she is interested in exploring topological spin textures (magnetic skyrmions and vortices) in magnetic nanomaterials, interface magnetism, 2D materials, multiferroic materials, and dimensionality-controlled nanostructures. She has published over 70 research articles in peer-reviewed journals, such as Science, Nature Physics, Advanced Materials, Nano Letters, and Physical Review Letters. She has established a robust and well-resourced research program at Bryn Mawr with support from the College and multiple grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), including an NSF CAREER award and an NSF MRI grant. She has engaged over 40 undergraduate students and 5 graduate students, including 3 exchange graduate students, in her research. Undergraduate and graduate students collaborate as dynamic partners in her lab and often participate as co-authors of her publications.

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Selected Publications:

(* for correspondence author, # for Bryn Mawr students )

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