Tuition and Fees

The cost of an education at Bryn Mawr includes not only tuition, fees, food and housing, but also other estimated indirect costs such as living allowance, books and supplies, travel, miscellaneous expenses and loan fees.

Direct costs are billed directly by the College. The table below lists direct costs.

  Academic Year 2024-2025
Ph.D. Unit (one semester course) $6,900
Ph.D. Continuing Enrollment Fee $720 per semester
M.S.S. Unit (one semester course) $5,420
M.S.S. Field Instruction Fee $110
SW Material and Activities Fee $300
SW Summer Material and Activities Fee $25
Application Fee $50
Matriculation Fee (students started Summer 2020 and after) $120
Commencement Fee (students started before Fall 2020) $60


Indirect costs are not billed directly by the College. Estimated indirect costs are listed in the table below.

  Academic Year 2024-2025
Full Living Allowance $25,894
Books and Supplies $200-1,000
Travel $2,848
Miscellaneous Expenses $9,322
Loan Fees $268