Bryn Mawr College offers a wide array of virtual and in-person resources to help students be successful. These support services can help Bryn Mawr students to:

  • Thrive academically
  • Manage stress
  • Maintain mental health
  • Learn about services for students with disabilities

Campus support services listed in this section are provided free of charge, except for Counseling Services, which offers 10 free sessions and then sliding scale fees.

Where to Begin

If you are encountering difficulties at Bryn Mawr, the first thing you may want to do is discuss these issues with your Dean, who can then direct you to an appropriate support service.

Academic Support

General Academic Support

Support for Coursework

Reading Support

Math Support

Writing Support

Support for the Whole Student

Stress Management

Emotional Health

  • The Counseling Service
    Counseling for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, body image, self-esteem, sexual identity issues
    Ongoing groups for bereavement and eating disorders

Physical Health

Services for Students With Disabilities

  • Access Services
    Provides support and reasonable accommodations when necessary for eligible students with diagnosed learning, medical, physical, and psychological disabilities

Services for International Students