Group Pictures

A collection of pictures of the Burgmayer Group

Burgmayer Research Group Reunion 2017

Burgmayer Reunion 2017

Beach Trip 2018

Burgmayer Research Group at the Beach

(left to right) Torie Berke '19, Nevada Powers, Haley Varnum, AB/MA '19, Dr. B., Cassie Gates MA'19, Robin Fair MA'19

Burgmayer Research Group October 2017

Burgmayer Research Group 2017

(left to right) Doug Gisewhite, Haley Varnum AB/MA'19, Cassie Gates MA'19, Nevada Power, Dr.B., Victoria Alonso '18, Nam Nguyen '18, Leslie Reiffen '19, Torie Berke '19

Burgmayer Research Group December 2015

Burgmayer Research Group Dec2015

(left to right) Isil Topaloglu Sozuer, Allie Nagelski'17 Nam Nguyen '18, Ashley Zhu '15, Dr. B. Ben Williams PhD '15, Doug Gisewhite PhD '18

Burgmayer Research Group February 2014

Burgmayer Research Group Feb 2014

(left to right) Rachel Kahelin '14, Stephanie Yang '14, Ben Williams PhD '15, Dr. B., Allie Nagelski '17, Alex Kirsch '14, Anna Kalinsky '14 

Beach Trip 2012

Burgmayer Research Group at the Beach

(left to right) Doug Gisewhite, Diane Kim'13, Suyin Lee'12, Ben Williams PhD '15, Alexandra Kirsch'14, Juliana Quarterman'13, Hannah Gilbert'13, Yichun Fu'13

Spring 2012 at BMC (left to right):

Burgmayer Research Group 2012

(left to right) Meredith Skiba'12, Hannah Gilbert'13, Juliana Quarterman'13, Doug Gisewhite, Suyin Lee'12, Ben Williams, Alex Gaudette'12, Yichun Fu'13, Alexandra Kirsch'14

Team Ru 2011 Intercalates

Ben Williams, Meredith Skiba, Alex Gaudette

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