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Why Economics?

Do you wonder:

  • What the solution is to the U.S. health care crisis?
  • Why there are such disparities in nations' living standards?
  • Why the US runs a large trade deficit with China?
  • How best to design policies to curb carbon gas emissions?
  • Whether you should care about government budget deficits?

Economics can help in answering these (and many other) questions.

Students major in Economics for a host of reasons. Some are attracted by the potential for making a difference in the world. Others enjoy the intellectual stimulation of economic problem solving. Economics appeals to students with interests in social studies, geography, ecology, physics, politics, social justice, logic, and applied mathematics among other fields. Most majors like the combination of logical and mathematical rigor with the policy orientation of the field.

What about after graduation? Some recent alumni are pursuing graduate studies in top masters and doctoral programs in economics, public policy, law, business and medicine. Others are working in government departments, non-profit organizations, and a' variety of business settings. There are many job openings for graduates as economists. But even when the job description makes no explicit references to economics, graduates report the value to their careers of the critical-thinking and decision-making skills developed as majors.

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