Student Research and Thesis Topics

Below is a list of Cities senior theses since the inception of the program.  (Note: Most theses are available to Bryn Mawr and Haverford affiliated students and faculty for reading. Please contact Margaret Kelly for more information).


Ava Blumer (BMC) “Piazza versus Plaza: The Impact of Italian Social Spaces on the United States”

Aidan Chang-Lee (HC) “Similar Circumstances, Different Solutions: Seattle and San Francisco’s Opposite Remedies to Elevated Waterfront Freeways”

Maddie Cohen (BMC) “A Proposed Athletic Facility Addition for Bryn Mawr College”

Evelyn Ferrall (BMC) “Memory Spaces and Marketplaces: The Multifaceted Legacy of Philadelphia’s Chinatown”

Ashley Hehir (BMC) “Revitalizing the Public Library: Case Studies from Philadelphia”

Eleanor Henderson (BMC) “From Champagne Caves to Honky-tonk Stage: Impacts of Alcohol Tourism on Urban Identity and Growth”

Yiping Hou (HC) “Vine Street 800: Chinatown Senior Apartment Reconceptualized”

Dylan Ioffreda (HC) “Coastal Town Resilience: A Comparative Study of Post-Sandy Reconstruction in Seaside Heights and Atlantic City”

Olivia Kaplan (BMC) “The Victorian Entry Hallway: An Examination of How an Architectural Form Impacts Space”

Curtis Kline (HC) “The Limits of Cooperation: Inclusion and Exclusion in the Interactions of Food Co-ops and Their Evolving Neighborhoods”

Tasneem Mabrouk, (HC) “Creating Community: Italian and Southeast Asian Placemaking in South Philadelphia”

Margot McNeely (BMC) “Tradition in Transition: Urban Hanok and the Making of Modern South Korea”

Dora Montgomery (BMC) “Where Do the Widows Walk?: Widows’ Community Networks in Early Nineteenth Century Philadelphia”

Keon Parsa (HC) “Bicycle Policy and Infrastructure in the United States: Challenges of Governance, Fragmentation, and Culture”

Maya Plimack (HC) “Envisioning a “Better Philadelphia”: The Evolution of Role and Methodology of Philadelphia City Planners”

Lucie Powers (BMC) “Building Beyond Inmate Identity: US Prison Policy and the Production of Liminal Carceral Space”

Caroline Robertson (BMC) “Safety and Culture in American Urban Public Transportation”

Mac Sanders(HC) “Black Greenwood: Neighborhood Destruction, Master Planning and Community Erasure in North Tulsa”

Jian Wei (HC) “Triumph and Compromises: The Birth of Los Angeles New Chinatown, 1912-1943”


Kayla Baquiran (HC) “The Nightmares of Nocturnal Urban Governance: Understanding the Rise of the “Nachtburgemeester” in the United States”

Emily Cook (BMC) “Do Natural Disasters Reframe Discourse Surrounding Adaptation to Climate Change: A Case Study of New Orleans”

Juan Miguel Pinto Diaz (HC) “United in Violence: Conflict, Confusion and Storytelling in the American Road Trip”

Ingrid Englehardt (BMC) ”Where Did All the Bars Go? The Disappearance of Lesbian Bars in the 21st Century”

Abby Fortune (BMC) “Children's Library Politics: What Collections Development Politics and Banned Book Battles Reveal About Who Holds Power in American Public Libraries in the 21st Century”

Julian Frost (HC) “L’Urbanisme à la Nantaise”: Lessons from the Forefront of French Participatory Planning”

Lily Goltz (BMC) “Neurodivergency in Museums: Creating Accessibility for Individuals with Non-Physical Disabilities”

Deniz Gonen (HC) “Pastoral Fantasies, Urban Realities: A Study of Campus Expansions at New York City Universities”

Corinne Hartshorne (BMC) “How Solutions and Challenges for Housing Economically Disadvantaged People Have Changed Between Mid-20th Century and Present in Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York”

Erin Martin (BMC) “Practices of Social Regulation and Informal Formalization: A Case Study of America’s Homeless Encampment”

Isabelle Meegan (BMC) “Precarious Homes: El Morro Trailer Park in Orange County and the Problems of American Trailer Parks”

Jamie Moreland (HC) “Olympic Dreams: Francisco Franco's Cultural Legacy Through the Lens of Spanish Olympic Bids”

Adrianna Morsey (BMC) “Reinventing the Wheels: The Contested Past and Future of Skateboarding in Philadelphia’s Public Spaces”

Kelly Peterson (BMC) “Nothing a Green Thumb Can't Fix: Neighborhood Associations and Grassroots Revitalization in Post-Industrial Philadelphia”

Alex Rebhun (HC) “Reinventing the Wheel: Information Exchange in American Small Town Bicycle Infrastructure”

Marien Richardson (BMC) “Life, Liberty, and the Division of Cities: Suburban Secession as Viewed Through the Buckhead City and City of St. George Incorporation Efforts “

Kate M. Southerland (BMC) “Inequity in America’s Playground: Racial Inequity within Affordable Housing in Asheville, North Carolina”

Mimi Tran (HC) “Unsettling Home: Vietnamese Refugee Settler in the U.S. Gulf South”

Saiqian Xiao (BMC) “The Alternative Food System of An Urban Ethnic Enclave: Interpreting the Food Supply Network and Assets in Philadelphia Chinatown”


Leila Bagenstos (BMC)” Retrofitting Haredi Suburbia: A Comparative Study of Emerging Jewish Orthodox Enclave Communities."

Shreya Bhutani (BMC) “Re-examining Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policies in Segregated School Systems”

Ellen Carlson (HC) “Cold, Rural, and Remote: Approaches to Achieving Energy Efficiency in Alaskan Communities”

Erin Chung (BMC) “Building a Taiwanese National Identity: Tourism and the Preservation of Japanese Colonial Architecture”

Shantanu Dew (HC) “The Claiming of Space Through Deathscape: Muslim Place Making and Exclusion in Greater New York's Cemeteries”

George Doehne (HC) “Burning Questions: Reconceptualizing Land and Rehabilitating Fire, in California as Abroad”

Matthew Donahue (HC) “The Historical Impact of Cape Cod Economy and Identity on Modern-Day Wastewater Management”

Cate Farrell (BMC) “After the Generals Fall: How Monuments and Public Space can Spark Conversations about Racism in America”

Elizabeth Hummel (BMC) “New Urbanism and Affordability: A Case Study of Muller, Texas”

Jillian Lunoe (BMC) “Historic Preservation in Small Towns: Perkasie, Pennsylvania’s Path towards Restoration following the 1988 Fire”

Hope McMahon (BMC) “Energy Codes: A Greenwashed Approach to Building Efficiency

Delphine McCann (BMC) “Childhood Asthma and Environmental Racism: A Comparative Study of Philadelphia and New Orleans”

Ilana Panth (BMC) “An Exploration of Public Library Services as Seen in Two Philadelphia Area Systems”

Louisa Perrin (BMC) “Urban Renewal, Revisited? An Examination of Flood Management and Development Plans in Philadelphia, PA”

Lily Schoonover (BMC) Proto-Zionist Synagogues: The Relationship between 19th Century Moorish-Influenced Synagogues and Europe’s Burgeoning Jewish Nationalism Movement.”

Shreya Singh (HC) “Redefining Boundaries: A Design Proposal for a Migrant Worker Communal Housing Plan in Al Quoz, Dubai”

Emma Slonim (BMC) “Lease on Life: Navigating New York City’s History of Rent Control Policy and Tenants’ Rights in Times of Strife and Stability”


Isabel CLARK (BMC) "Beautiful Women: American Beauty Culture from the Physical to the Digital World"[PDF]

Joseph DIZENHUZ (HC) "The History, Present and Futures of Cincinnati’s Racially and Economically Unjust Transportation System" [PDF]

Jacqueline FERNANDEZ (BMC) "Funerary Practices and Burial Rituals of Cubans: Inluences of Transnational Moving on Urban Cemeteries" [PDF]

Serena GONZALEZ (BMC) "Evolving Community Institutions: French-Canadians to Dominicans in the Point Neighborhood, Salem, Massachusetts" [PDF]

Madeleine HAGER (HC) "Planning for East Parkside (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)"[PDF]

Zhuoran HU (BMC) "Learning from Forbidden Cities: A Comparative Approach to China’s Monumentality" [PDF]

Benita IKIREZI MULANDABWI (BMC) "A Look at 21st Century Urban Development in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Kigali, Rwanda" [PDF]

Megan KEARNEY (BMC) "Giyofu Architecture in Meiji Japan: A Proponent of Metamorphosis Toward Modernity"[PDF]

Kai McGINN (BMC) "Women, Agency and Architecture: A Comparative Exploration of Edo Japan’s Courtesan and Wife through Ageya and Shouka" [PDF]

Ngoc Pham (BMC) "Examining Philadelphia’s Community Orchards as Spaces for Social Change" [PDF]

Eyasu SHUMIE (HC) "Examining the Construction of a Harlem Imaginary and a Harlem History through Plum Bun and The Blacker the Berry"[PDF]

Silvan SOOKSATAN (HC) "Imagining Green Modernities: Examining the Elite Orientation of Lee Kuan Yew’s City as Garden through Singapore’s Post-War Housing Transitions" [PDF]

Duong Joanna TRAN (HC) "Design Proposal for a Vietnamese Community Center in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"[PDF]

Yihua WANG (BMC) "The Role of Art Zones in Urban Regeneration and Gentrification: Identity as a Community and Relationship to the City" [PDF]

Jia WEI (BMC) "The Canada Line, Success or Failure? An Evaluation of the Effects of Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympic Transportation Line"[PDF]

Anqi YANG (HC)  "Municipal Policy Learning in Globalizing Shenzhen, China: From the Hong Kong Model to Authoritarian Singapore" [PDF]


Leila Breen (HC) “Values and Visions for the Working Class: Interpreting Socialist Housing of Interwar Europe” [PDF]

Stephanie Catalan (BMC) “Opportunity Zones Through a Media Lens: An empirical approach of stakeholder’s perspectives on a tax incentive program in the United States” [PDF]

Joyce Chan (HC) “Free Parking in the Upper West Side: Understanding the Community’s Fierce Response Against Parking Reform and Examining Ways to Address Community Concerns”

Owen Deitcher (HC) "Social Capital in Urban Park Planning: Historical Identities of East and West German Cities represented post-Reunification" [PDF]

Hannah Duncan (BMC) “Enabling the Disabled: The Socio-Economics of Public Transportation and Daily Life: The Need for Accessibility throughout Philadelphia”

Kate Evans (BMC) “A New Reel at Old Movie Theaters: Reviving Baltimore’s 20th Century Independent Cinemas” [PDF]

Evelyn Ferrall (BMC) “The Homemakers of White Supremacy: Representations of Self” [PDF]

Kameice Francis (HC) “Climate change and responses in Jamaica” [PDF]

Colin Fredrickson (HC) “Domestic Terrorism in America and Divergent Forms of Memorialization” [PDF]

Alison Giles (BMC) “Sexual Education in City Schools: Politics, Religion, and Other Factors Linked to Unintended Pregnancy and STDs in Urban Areas” [PDF]

Lauren Gleason (BMC) "Constructing Identity of Brands and Bloggers: The Staged Backstage of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion” [PDF]

Helen Harman (BMC) “’The Co-op Provides’: Resident Perceptions of Community and Affordability in Austin, Texas” [PDF]

Sophia Jackson (HC) “Schooling Space: 21st Century Intervention in 19th Century Schools” [PDF]

Lisa Li (BMC) “Governance structures in waste sorting in Beijing”

Alyssa Lopez (BMC) “Anti-Gentrification Approaches on the Eastside of Los Angeles: The Impacts of Nonprofit Community Organizations and Consensus”

Grace Morris (BMC) “Grand 1960s Ambitions in Albany: Eminent Domain Project Effects on the Urban Downtown” [PDF]

Cara Navarro (BMC) “The ‘Gentrification’ of Filipinx Food” [PDF]

Elina Nikoleri (BMC) “A Philadelphia rail park: green public place-making or green gentrification?” [PDF]

Kate Silber (HC) “Rebuilding Sense of Place at Bryn Mawr Station” [PDF]

Joseph R. Staruski (HC) “Prayers for Politicians: Religion and the Public Sphere in Boston MA” [PDF]

Grace Sue (BMC) “Community Resistance: Fighting Against Megaprojects in Philadelphia Neighborhoods" [PDF]

Lille Van Der Zanden (BMC) “Greening the River: A Thematic Analysis of Planning Discourse over Time” [PDF]

Chenyu Wang (HC) “After the Carnival, back to the hood: Re-insertion of Olympic physical Legacy using New Urbanist Design” [PDF]

David Watt (HC) “Building Bridges: How Los Angeles is establishing emergency homeless shelters in the face of NIMBYs”

Amanda Xifaras (BMC) “Privately-Owned Public Spaces in New York City” [PDF]

Claudia Zavala (BMC) “Analyzing the Implementation of Quality of Life in the Interamerican Development Bank and the World Bank’s Housing and Transportation Project Plans from 1989 to 2007: A Case Study of Santiago de Chile”


Simon Balukonis (HC) “Neoliberal Nights: Production, Consumption, and Distribution of Dance Music and Club Culture in Global Chicago" [PDF]

Julian Bright (HC) "Megaprojects as Catalysts of Gentrification in the Nation’s Capital: An Exploration of the District’s Black-White Residential Divide" [PDF]

Allie Castillo (BMC) “New York Theaters as a Reflection of Urban America” [PDF]

Mike Carr (HC) “Brewing a Neighborhood for the Creative Class: Gentrification and Placemaking in Brewerytown, Philadelphia"

Rebecca Chang (HC) “Searching for Belonging in Ethnic Identity: Young Second-Generation Chinese-Peruvians in Lima, Peru” [PDF]

Victoria Garner (BMC) “Towering Questions: The Changing Meanings of the Empire State Building"

Abbi Gatewood (BMC) “The Right to Housing? The Failures of the 421-a Property Tax Exemption Program in New York City"

Isabella Gross (HC) "Transforming Khayelitsha: Space, Security and Problems in Structural Form in Cape Town, South Africa” [PDF]

Emily Haller (BMC) “Mapping the Roles of Water in Philadelphia: Images of Nature and the City, 1794-1811” [PDF]

Will Herzog (HC) “Employing Neighbors: Evaluating the Potential of Anchor Employment Initiatives to Build a Middle Class in Philadelphia” [PDF]

Chi Hoang (BMC) “Hanoi’s Changing Cityscapes”

Austin Huber (HC) “From Rails to Roads: Spatial expressions of Suburban (Auto)mobility, 1900-1920”

Sarah Kim (BMC) “Developing Affordable Housing Through the Use of Historic Preservation Tax Credits in the City of Philadelphia” [PDF]

Jiaxi Li (BMC) “Remaking a Yellow Russia? The Discourse of Russian Elements in Contemporary City Planning of Harbin, China” [PDF]

Elena Luedy (BMC) “A Tale of Two Cities: Spatial Inequality in the Sustainable Redevelopment of Detroit" [PDF]

Amelia Marren (BMC) “Channeling Precipitation through Participation: Residential Green Stormwater Infrastructure in Philadelphia Abstract” [PDF]

Bria Montaque (BMC) "Battling for Birth: Exploring Birthing Rights for Black Women in the United States" [PDF]

Grace Newman-Lapinski (BMC) “Modernity Reborn: Reviving Danish Modern Furniture in the 21st Century” [PDF]

Moeka Noda (HC) “Competition and Cooperation among Declining Regional Cities:The Survival of Aging Japan” [PDF]

Nicholas Rhodes (HC) "Pipe Dreams, and Other Such Structures:Technology, Space, and Power in Utopian Urbanism from 1888 to 2018" [PDF]

Ananya Sinha (BMC) “Between Metaphor and Geography: Locality, Arts, and Revitalization in Baltimore’s Art & Entertainment Districts" [PDF]

Britt Van Der Poel (BMC) “Examining Children’s Nutrition Education in Philadelphia: The Food Trust and the Vetri Community Partnership" [PDF]

Ruoli Yang (BMC) “Visualization of the Grand City: Planning Exhibition Halls in Contemporary China” [PDF]


Julia Albertson (HC) “Defining the City: Contested Borders, Fences, and Walls in Berlin, Belfast, and Jerusalem” [WORD]

Lourdes Lizette Alvarez García (BMC) “Where is This Green Coming From? Nonprofit Influence on Park Construction in Los Angeles” [WORD]

Chris Bechen (HC) “From the Stitch of a Needle to the Push of a Spade: Implications of Reading the Names Project AIDS Memorial Quilt as a Cemetery" [WORD]

Rachel Bruce (BMC) “It's Written On the Walls: the Politicization of Public Art in the New York City Subway System” [WORD]

Catherine Bunza (BMC) “There Goes the Neighborhood: Efforts by Community-Based Organizations in Stabilizing Community and Social Capital in the South Bronx, New York City” [WORD]

Larissa De Paula (BMC) “Gendering Rio de Janeiro's Urban War”

Megan Galardi (BMC) “Artists, Galleries and Urban Change in Philadelphia”

Rebekah Gallop (BMC) “Decolonizing History Curricula: Indigenous Students’ Education in Australia and the United States” [PDF]

Xinyi Huang (BMC) “Transplanted Social Capital and Transnational Ethnic Entrepreneurship: A  Study of Wenzhou Merchants and their Wholesale Markets in Contemporary Paris”

Malcom Hutchison (HC) “The Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in the Residential Construction Industry” [WORD]

Tianyu Jiang (BMC) “The Implementation on Financing Schemes in Urban Rapid Transit Infrastructure: a Comparative Analysis on Beijing and Tokyo” [PDF]

Georgina Johnson (BMC) “Monuments: Belonging in a Time and Space”

Rose Kooper-Johnson (BMC) “Exposition and Urban Transformation in Barcelona (Spain) and Philadelphia” [WORD]

Jessie Lamworth (HC) “The Role of People, Policy, and the Press in Erection of Confederate Monuments in Baltimore (1887-1948)” [PDF]

Grace Lee (BMC) “Smart City Initiatives: The Songdo (Korea) International Business District” [WORD]

Heather Liang “Neighborhood Rebranding: The Case of Cultural Change in Philadelphia’s Callowhill Neighborhood, Philadelphia"

Charlie Liu (HC) Reimagining Urban Borders and Boundaries: Using Design To Create New Possibilities in Baishizhou, Shenzhen, China” (DESIGN THESIS) [WORD]

Cara Maisel (BMC) “Creating an Experience in the Modern American Shopping Mall" [WORD]

Tobias Makowski (BMC) “This Land is My Land... Or Is It Your Land?: Urban Agriculture as a Site of Radical Citizen Engagement” [WORD]

Justin Marshall (HC) “The Impact of the Impact Fee: Evaluating Pennsylvania's Use of Fracking Receipts to Fund Affordable Housing” [WORD]

Sylvia Merantus (HC) “Multiculturalism as Myth: Institutions and Divisions in a Fragmented Miami” [WORD]

Alexandra Mitrovich (BMC) “Confronting Memory in Public Space: Lessons from Philadelphia's Monuments” [PDF]

Margaret Muñoz (HC) “Gentrification in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles: Effects on the Latino Ethnic Enclave and Ways of Resistance” [WORD]

Harper Hideko Olmon (BMC) “Tomorrowland: Space Age in Futuristic Forms” [WORD]

Rina Patel (BMC) “Planning a Disaster: The Impact and Implication of Recent Climate Change Induced Weather Events in Houston, Texas” [WORD]

Agatha Sloboda (BMC) "The Century-Long Growth Spurt: How the Washington Monument Pursues and Assumes Meaning in its Capital Namesake” [PDF}

Alexa Wight (BMC) “Creating Place and Culture around Wi-Fi in Contemporary Havana and Philadelphia” [WORD]


Ji Yoon Ahn (BMC) “The Palace of Memory and Forgetting: Reconstruction of the Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, Korea” [PDF]

Mason Fielding Bracker (HC) “The Vertical Neighborhood: Creating Community in Urban Multi-Family Housing” [PDF]

Clayton Brandt (HC) “Rebuilding a Neighborhood: Architecture and Redevelopment in the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans” [PDF]

Mowa Li (BMC) “Narrating Time Geography in Changing Neighborhoods’ Historic Religious Sites: A Comparative Study of Man Mo Temple of Hong Kong and St. Laurentius Church of Philadelphia” [PDF]

Sydney Maves (BMC) “Navigating the Legacy: Rethinking Philadelphia’s Transportation Infrastructure” [PDF]

Rio Morales (HC) “Anchorage in an Arts Community in Transition: A Design Proposal for Affordable Artist Housing in Provincetown, MA” [PDF]

Sophia Randazzo (BMC) “Affordable, Feminist Housing in Kensington, Philadelphia for Single Mothers with Children” [PDF]

Jane Rossman (BMC) “VACANT: ABANDONED / EMPTY / OPEN: Ingenuity out of Necessity - How Residents of Cleveland’s Hough Neighborhood Respond to (paradigm) Transition” [PDF]

Alexandra Sanyal (BMC) “Creating Community: A study of the form and function of Islamic community spaces in Philadelphia” [PDF]

Fatema Sheikh (BMC) “Devouring Culture Changing Class and Gender in the Foodways of Contemporary Lahore” [PDF]

Steven Trebach (HC) “Accidental Follies The Historical Structures of New York City’s Parks and the Stories They Tell” [PDF]

Tejan Walcott (HC) “The Olympic Games: Global Appeal & Desire to Host” [PDF]

Juelun Wei (BMC) “Global Models and Local Practices: Domestic Spaces in Shenzhen, China” [PDF]

Shulin Zhang (BMC) “Rethinking Urbanization in Shenzhen, China: An Analysis of Top-down Planning vs. Bottom-Up Urbanization Conflict” [PDF]


Palak Bhandari (BMC) “Praying in Pittsburgh: South Asian Religious Institutions as Reflections and Constructions of Religious Identity” [PDF]

James Campbell (HC) “Gentrification in Point Breeze: An Analysis of Discussion in Politics, Media, and the Community”

Dijia Chen (BMC) “Rebranding Radioactive Contaminated Identity: A Comparative Study of Impression Management Strategies after Nuclear Catastrophe in Hiroshima and Fukushima” [PDF] 

Amanda Guo (BMC) “SoHo and Beyond: The Roles of Art and Artists in Industrial Neighborhood Regeneration” [PDF]

Peter Kondelis (HC) “Elite Suburbs and their Social Reproduction: Transportation, Education and Association in The Philadelphia Main Line and the Chicago North Shore” [PDF]

Alexandra Julia Krucinski (BMC) “It's a Wonderful City; Rethinking City Spaces Through Theatrical Performance” [PDF] 

Timothy Mercier (HC) "Building Hong Kong: Mix-Use Developments and the Architecture of Density" 

Hope McMahan (BMC) “The Creation and Sustaining of an oppressive system to food access: An analysis of a 'Food desert, Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa.”

Zoe McAlear (HC) “Creating Green in the City: the Intersection of "Nature" and Urban Planning in the Metropolitan Region of Valparaíso” [PDF]

Alexandra Nae (BMC) “The Heart of Bucharest: Redesigning Revolution Square as a Place for People?” [PDF] 

Thu Nguyen (BMC) “Constructing Tourism Destination Images: A Case Study of Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark”

Xuenan Ni (BMC) “Mass Transportation between Form and Function: Beijing's Iconic Subway Expansion and the Alternative Lessons of Hong Kong's TOD and Value Capture" [PDF] 

Abby Peng (BMC) “My Dream, My House: A Discovery of the Kilamba City in Luanda through Lens of China’s Foreign Economic Assistance” [PDF] 

Anne Roca (HC) “Modern Design on American Campuses from the 1930's to the 1950's: A Study of Postwar Dormitories” [PDF] 

Miji Ryu (HC) "Issues of Diversity in Contemporary Senior Centers: Stories of Elderly Korean Americans Living in Queens, New York"

Anisa Ali Salat (BMC) “Organizing Dispersed Populations: GLOBAL SOMAL DIASPORA and its Attempt to Create a Transnational Somali Identity"

Sarah Schurtz (BMC) “Cycling in the City: How Women and Men Navigate Philadelphia”

Minh Tran (BMC) "Exchanging Land, Explaining Power: Livelihoods in the Wake of Land Consolidation in Peri-urban Hanoi" [PDF] 

Csilla Vanos (HC) “Rush Hour in Rio: How the Development of Transportation in Preparation for the 2016 Olympics in Rio is Affecting the City” [PDF] 

Chanel Willams (BMC) “Change and Decline: A History of Washington D.C.'s African American Community” [PDF] 

Siyang You (BMC) “Rethinking Hong Kong Contemporary Art and Artists: a model of multi-functional visual and performance art community center” [PDF] 

Lamei Zhang (BMC) “Demystifying the Black City and White Suburb: Understanding Areas of Conflict and Future Remedies” [PDF] 

Pengpeng Zheng (BMC) “Responding to Current Urban Configuration in Shanghai: An Architectural Proposal Inspired by Lilong” [PDF]


Alterman, Brianna (BMC) "The Cost of Learning To Work: Understanding The Relationship Between Liberal Arts Colleges and the Practice of Unpaid Internships" 

Barron, Chloe (BMC) "Rethinking Resiliency after Hurricane Sandy" [PDF] 

Chang, Tina (BMC) "Faking America: How American Chains Meet Chinese Expectations in Global Shanghai" [PDF] 

Golcha, Priyamvada (BMC) "Global Festivals Transforming Local Space: A Case Study of Jaipur Literature Festival and the Jodhpur Rajasthan International Festival" [PDF] 

Griffiths, Chance David (HC) "Growing Against Ourselves: A Feasibility Study for Adaptive Re-Use of Lynnwood Hall for Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania" [PDF] 

Guadarrama, Isabel (BMC) "Amusement Parks: Connecting Their Histories to Cities"

Haldeman, Caylin (BMC) "The 'Blight' Fight: Conflict and Control in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania" [PDF] 

Harding, Quinn (HC) "Can a Public House Be a Home? Understanding the Role of Architectural Design in Stereotypes and Reputation"

Hersh, Sam (HC) "(Re)Creating Space: Cultivating Geography in the Singaporean Project"

Jensen, Aurora (HC) "Buildings as Teaching Tools: Designing an Environmental Education Center in Philadelphia"

Jin, Xue (BMC) "Cities of the Olympics: A Race Before, A Race After: The Conflicts between IOC Expectation and Host City’s Experience, Preparatory for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics"

Koo, Angie (BMC) "The Ebb and Flow of Japan’s Nuclear Debate: How Does Japan Maintain A Pro-Nuclear Stance Despite Disaster and Opposition"

Massaro, Allegra Tomassa (BMC) "Periods of Philanthropy in Education Reform: Intervention, Intent, Implementation and Impact"

Mercier, Tim (HC) "Building Hong Kong: Mix-use Developments and the Architecture of Density: Transport, Consumption and Spatial Appropriation in the Podium" [PDF]

Rahman, Nadera (BMC) "The Writing on the Walls: Controlling the Narrative of Public Art" [PDF]

Randazzo, Marley (HC) "San Francisco’s Tech Commuter Shuttles: Private Influence, Grassroots Mobilization and Commodification in the Neoliberal City"

Schindler, Joelle (BMC) "Looking at the Relationship Between Parks, Mega-events, and Livability in Atlanta, GA" [PDF] 

Slaby, Jacqueline (BMC) "Missing from the Narrative: Displacement of a People, Their Memories and Legacy in Battle Creek, Michigan" [PDF]

Tennakoon, Pamudu (BMC) "What Does Colonial Architecture Say About You? The Relationship Between Postcolonial Elites and Colonial Architecture"

Tjing, Leslie (HC) "Hedging Discourse: Implications of Federal Reserve Policy Rhetoric" [PDF]


Isabella Bartenstein (BMC) “Shaping Narrative: Planning and Preservation at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba and University of Virginia” [PDF]

Mariah Braxton (HC) “Interrogating Harbor Point: An Examination of Baltimore's Economic Development Policies” [PDF]

Esther Chiang (BMC) “Travel through Space and Time: Transportation and Segregation in Cape Town” [PDF]

Johannah Cordon Hill (BMC) “To Build a Movement: An Exploration of Past Social Movements as Applied to Prison Abolition in the United States” [PDF]

Matthew Da Silva (HC) “Endless City, Endless Congestion: The Interaction between Urban Form and Mobility in Beijing” [PDF]

Maddy French (BMC) “The City that Feeds Us: The Impact of Municipal Policy on Access to Affordable, Healthy Food in Philadelphia [PDF]

Janine Holloway (HC) “One More Promise: The Impact of Sustainable DC Plan on Health and Wellness of Anacostia, Washington, D.C.” [PDF] 

Tess Isaacson (BMC) “Protesting Planned Parenthood: How Confrontation Shaped the Built Environment of a Philadelphian Abortion Clinic”

Liz Kellam (BMC) “A Vocabulary of Space: the Spatial Geography of the University of Michigan's Central and North Campus” [PDF]

Brenna Lash (BMC) “Morbid Afflictions: Disaster Preparedness and Response in Philadelphia, 1793-2013”

Lizzy Lee (BMC) “Negotiating Space and Identity: Philadelphia's Chinatown North/Callowhill” [PDF]

Ryan Leitner (BMC) “Right to Assemble?: Access to Public Space around G8 and G20 Summits in the United States” [PDF]

Lee McClenon (BMC) “Demanding Birth: How Patient Provider Tensions Created the Medical Maternity Experience in Early 1900s America” [PDF]

Jennifer Pagan (BMC) “A Critique on New Urbanism Principles in Shopping Centers and Nearby Neighborhoods in West Philadelphia” [PDF]

Bridget Palombo (BMC) "Surviving Homelessness in the City of Brotherly Love: A Study of Compounding Barriers to Service Access" [PDF]

Simone Partridge (HC) “Production of Knowledge, Consumption of Space” [PDF]

Kadineyse Ramize Pena (BMC) “Boston Housing: The Fenway Neighborhood and the Demands of Higher Education” [PDF]

Tess Pula (BMC) “A Tale of Two Rivers: Private Interventions on Philadelphia’s Riverfronts” [PDF]

Julia Reeves (HC) “GIS and Urban Landscapes: Tree Canopy Extension and Preservation in Dallas, TX”

Max Reinhardt (HC) “Precarious Neighbors: Interclass Spaces and Interactions in Contemporary Buenos Aires” [PDF]

Amy Robles (HC) “Le Corbusier's Modern Landscapes: Reconciling Site-Specific and Universal Trends in Plans for Buenos Aires and Algiers (1929-1942)” [PDF]

Maya Sachdeva (BMC) “Lost In Transit: Women, Public Transportation and Employment in West Philadelphia” [PDF]

Samantha Shain (HC) “Inside/Out: Food Cooperatives, their Neighborhoods, and the Question of Gentrification” [PDF]

Grace Song (BMC) “Bicycle Wars: Conflicts Over CitiBike Bicycle Share Program in New York City” [PDF]

Alice Thatcher (HC) “Carbon, Climate and Capitalism: Two Applications of the Transition Model” [PDF]

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1981-82 (unavailable)


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M. Katherine Hartnett: "Patterns of Urbanization in Non-Western Countries"


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