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Core Courses

The Core is a mix of 100-300 level courses in International fields. Students must choose one course from among four eligible courses in EACH of Politics, Economics, and Philosophy (at least one of which is at the 300 level). They must also choose one course from among ten in Culture and Interpretation, a requirement in the core that is unique to Bryn Mawr. The rationale for the two parts of the Core (Politics, Economics, and Philosophy and Culture and Interpretation) are given below along with corresponding lists of eligible courses under each. The disciplines of Politics, Economics, and Philosophy have become central to International Studies programs since markets, conflicts, diplomacy and rules are nested in values and norms as much as in state territories and institutional framings. The program at Bryn Mawr is distinctive in having the requirement that students take an ethics course in which they study topics in areas such as global ethical issues, development ethics, global justice, and human rights.

The eligible courses for the Politics, Economics, and Philosophy component of the core are:

Political Science

  • Introduction to International Politics (POLS B141) (Offered Fall 2021), or International Politics (POLS H151)
  • Politics of International Law and Institutions (POLS B241)
  • International Political Economy (POLS B391) (Offered Fall 2021)
  • Topics in International Politics (POLS H350)
  • Popular Uprisings (INST B210) (Offered Spring 2022)
  • The Politics of International Law and Institutions (POLS B24) 


  • Economic Development (ECON B225), or Economic Development and Transformation: China vs. India (ECON H240)
  • The Economics of Globalization (ECON B236)
  • Democracy and Development (ECON B385), or Economics of Transition and Euro Adoption in Central and Eastern Europe (ECON H241)
  • Politics of Aid and Humanitarianism (INST B301) (Offered Spring 2022)

NOTE: Introduction to Economics (ECON B105) is a prerequisite for all other Economics courses and for the courses that are eligible for the Economics core.


  • Global Ethical Issues (PHIL B225), or Human Rights and Global Politics (POLS H262)
  • Applied Ethics of Peace, Justice and Human Rights (PEAC H201)
  • Development Ethics (PHIL B344)
  • Global Justice (POLS H362)
  • Theory in Practice: Critical Discourses in the Humanities (FREN B213)

The eligible courses for the Culture and Interpretation component of the core are:

  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH B102)
  • Culture and Interpretation (COML, or COML B323)
  • The Play of Interpretation (COML B293)
  • Chinese Perspectives on the Individual and Society (at Haverford) (EALC H120)
  • La Mosaique France (FREN B251)
  • Cultural Profiles in Modern Exile (GERM B231)
  • Introduction to Latin American, Latino, and Iberian Peoples and Cultures (GNST B245)
  • The Atlantic World 1492-1800 (HIST B200)
  • British Empire: Imagining Indias (HIST B258)
  • Society, Culture and the Individual (SOCL B102)
  • Introduction to African Civilization (HIST B102)
  • Modern African History since 1800 (HIST B236)
  • Social and Cultural History of Medicine in Africa (HIST B336)
  • Culture, Power and Politics (ANTH B294)
  • Cultural Memory and State-Sanctioned Violence in Latinx Literature (ENGL B237) 
  • Cultural Profiles in Modern Exile (GERM B231)
    Topics in Material Culture. Section 001 (Spring 2022): Arts of the Mughal Empire Section 001 (Spring 2021): Textiles of Asia (HART B345)

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