Response Process and Evaluation

Response Process

Once you turn in your two bound essays, they are distributed to your thesis adviser and to a second reader, who is another faculty member in the Department. Your adviser will write his or her response to your essay as well as reflect upon the semester as a whole. The second reader will offer his or her comments only on the final draft of your thesis.
Your thesis adviser will read the second reader's report, and your adviser may use his or her report to explain or respond to the second reader's comments. You will receive both reports in full. You can typically pick up your reports in the Department of Literatures in English office during Senior Week.
After you read through your reports, we encourage you to meet with your thesis adviser to discuss any questions or responses you might have, as well as to think about how these reports can be useful for your future endeavors.


You will receive one grade on your thesis, which will reflect the grades given both by your thesis adviser and the second reader. If there is a great disparity between the responses of the first and second readers, the essay will be given to a third reader to resolve the difference; that reader offers only a grade evaluation and no comments.

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