Departmental Learning Goals

Mathematics Learning Goals

Mathematics Departmental Learning Goal

Bryn Mawr Learning Outcomes

1. Have a conceptual understanding of mathematical notions

Inquiry and Analysis; Critical Thinking

2. Be proficient in mathematical computations

Quantitative Literacy

3. Be able to express mathematics precisely, both orally and in writing

Writing Skills; Oral Communication Skills

4. Understand the nature and principles of mathematical reasoning

Critical Thinking; Problem-Solving

5. Be able to independently read and understand mathematical arguments

Inquiry and Analysis

6. Be able to independently write and critique mathematical arguments

Writing Skills; Inquiry and Analysis

7. Appreciate the cumulative nature of mathematics and develop the corresponding ability for self-directed learning

Critical Thinking; Inquiry and Analysis

8. Be able to make sense of problems, recognize structures and appropriate tools, formulate viable approaches, and persevere toward solutions

Inquiry and Analysis; Problem-Solving

9. Be able to effectively use technology in a mathematical context

Quantitative Literacy; Problem-Solving

10. Have the skills to effectively develop and deliver a mathematical presentation

Writing Skills; Oral Communication Skills

11. Understand the context of mathematics and its applications in the larger world

Critical Thinking; Problem-Solving



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