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Math Newsletter: Spring 2022

The semiannual Bryn Mawr Math Newsletter includes recent departmental news and photographs.

Top Stories

Where Math Rules
Math is a popular major at Bryn Mawr. The department’s open and welcoming philosophy helps explain why it all adds up for so many students. Read more in the Winter 2022 Alumnae Bulletin.

Math Students Attend STEM Educator Career Exploration Fair
Students in Professor Donnay’s education course, Changing Pedagogies in Math and Science Education, took a field trip to attend a STEM Educator Career Exploration Fair held at Temple University in March 2022. Read more.

Student Stories

Shefali Ramakrishna '22 Shares Key BMC Experiences
Among the highlights of her Bryn Mawr experience were being a summer science researcher in summer 2019 with Professor Donnay, serving as a math major representative, and being a student co-coordinator for the Distressing Math Collective. Read more
Valerie Jin '22 Reflects on Time at BMC 
"I’ll never forget all the people in Bryn Mawr because of their wonderful smiles and all the love they’ve given me." Read more.

Faculty Publications

Assistant Professor of Mathematics John Bergdall publishes "Reductions of Some Two-Dimensional Crystalline Representations via Kisin Modules" and "Reductions of 2-Dimensional Semistable Representations with Large L-Invariant."

Associate Professor of Mathematics Djordje Milićević publishes "Twelfth Moment of Dirichlet L-Functions to Prime Power Moduli."

Lindsay Dever, Ph.D. '22, and Associate Professor of Mathematics Djordje Milićević publish "Ambient Prime Geodesic Theorems on Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds." 

News in Brief

  • The Bryn Mawr Math Department hosted Akshay Venkatesh, a Fields medalist from the Institute for Advanced Study, for a colloquium lecture. The Fields medal is a very prestigious recognition, and it was a great honor for the department to welcome Dr. Venkatesh.
  • New Ph.D. graduates Isaac Sundberg and Lindsay Dever defended their theses in April 2022. Sundberg has accepted a two-year guest researcher position at the world-renowned Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, Germany. Dever will begin a tenure-track assistant professor position at Millersville University in the fall. Dan White defended his math Ph.D. thesis in December 2021, and has already started as a lecturer in Computer Science at Gettysburg College. He is also involved with their Data Science program.
  • Professors Lisa Traynor and Djordje Milićević helped to organize a professional development seminar for the Graduate Group in Sciences and Mathematics at Bryn Mawr College. The seminar concerned publishing in mathematics, physics, and chemistry.
  • Two new graduate students will join us in the fall: Joanne Beckford and Lujain Nsair.
  • Two A.B./M.A. students Ryann McManus '22 and Shefali Ramakrishna '22 were awarded the Anna Pell Wheeler Prize in Mathematics. McManus and Ramakrishna successfully defended their A.B./M.A. theses on May 5, 2022. McManus' A.B./M.A. thesis was entitled Modeling the Effects of Incretins and Circadian Misalignment on Glucose-Insulin Dynamics, while Ramakrishna's A.B./M.A. thesis was on Numerical Methods in Issues of Sustainability.
  • Elizabeth Hankins '22, an A.B./M.A. student in mathematics, received the Charlotte Angas Scott Prize in Mathematics.  Hankins successfully defended their A.B./M.A. thesis on Origami with Infinite Folds on May 3, 2022. Moreover, Hankins gave a talk on fractal origami during Math Appreciation Week. Here is a link to Elizabeth's Math Appreciation Week talk.
  • América Nájera '22 and Shefali Ramakrishna '22 won the Mary Louise Cookson Prize in Mathematics in recognition of their exceptional service that has contributed to the life of the department. This prize was established in 2007 in honor of Mary Louise Cookson's extraordinary contributions to mathematics at Bryn Mawr College.
  • Amirah Hewitt '22 was awarded the Dr. Hayley S. Thomas Prize in Diversity. With this prize, the College community honors those seniors who personify the characteristics that Dean Thomas exemplified: lifelong learning around diversity, demonstrated commitment to and advocacy for inclusion, and the ability to inspire others to action.
  • Established in 2018, the Community Building Honor Roll honors students who have made important contributions to creating a sense of belonging, inclusiveness, and community on campus. The following math majors were on the 2022 Community Building Honor Roll: Laila Ali '22Jashiry Ayala Pimentel '23, Sidney Bachrach '22Marye Cruz '22Allison Eckert '22Catherine Fu '23Li Gordon-Washington '23Maham Hassan '22Amirah Hewitt '22Valerie Jin '22Miranda Kong '22Hunter Loftis '23América Nájera '22Alishia Nation '23Tino Nguruve '22Shefali Ramakrishna '22, Veronica Wang '23, and Beza Wondwossen '23. Math Ph.D. students Lindsay DeverSavannah Williams, and Isaac Sundberg also received this honor.
  • On April 11, 2022, Lisa Traynor gave an endowed lecture on The Captivating World of Symplectic Topology to honor her appointment as The Class of 1897 Professor of Science.


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