Cheng Lab: Research Experience


Ph.D. Theses:

Andy Clark, Ph.D. (2022) "Magnetic and mechanical properties of ultrasoft magnetorheological elastomers"

Xiao Wang, Ph.D. (2020) "Magnetic skyrmions in multilayers with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions"

Le Yu, Ph.D. (2016) "Diffusion and magnetization process in hollow nanostructures" (conferred by Nanjing University)


Undergraduate Theses 

15. Mallory Yu (2022) "Micromagnetic simulation study of magnetic skyrmions in antiferromagnetically coupled [Co/Gd/Pt]10 multilayers"

14. Halcyon Hu (2022) "Accuracy of dipole approximation for iron particles in magnetorheological elastomers"

13. Georgia Nelson (2021) "Anomalous magnetic hysteresis loops of ultrasoft magnetorheological elastomers"

12. Tong Dong (2020) "Computational modeling of magnetorheological Elastomers"

11. Merrilyn Mercy Adzo Fiagbenu (2020) "Magnetometry characterization of [Co/Gd/Pt]n=10 multilayered thin film"

10. Zhongying Yan (2018) "Thermal Hall effect and interface magnetism of magnetic multilayers with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions"
One of the six finalists for the LeRoy Apker Award, the highest honor awarded by American Physical Society to undergraduate physicists in the United States for "outstanding achievements in physics"

9.  Alena Klindziuk (2017) " Interlayer diffusion in Ta/CoFeB/MgO magnetic tunnel junctions "

8.  Brittney Beidelman (2017) "Enhanced optical absorption in SiO2/AgBr Composites "

7.  Zhuyun (Maggie) Xiao (2015) " Magnetic and ferroelectric properties of epitaxial hexagonal rare earth thin films "

6.  Shuoying (Elias) Yang (2014) " Temperature dependence of the Spin Hall Effect in perpendicularly magnetized magnetic materials "

5.  Bingqing Li (2014) " Magnetic characterization of nickel three-dimensional antidot arrays "

4.  Soraya Terrab (2013) " Development of a temperature-controlled system for nanomechanical tensile testing"

3.  Han-Chang (Cathy) Yang (December 2011) "Fabrication and magnetic characterization of nanoporous nickel structures"

2.  Stonyana Alexandrova (2010) "Atomic force microscopy of DNA repeats"

1.  Meghan Mahoney (2010) "Spin dynamics of magnetic nanostructures"


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