Internship and Scholarship Opportunities

Students in the Transnational Italian Studies Department have held internships that allow them to live in Italy and gain valuable work experience. Current opportunities include:

  • Internship Programs in partnership with the city of Taormina
  • Intern as a writer for L'Italo-Americano, a bi-weekly newspaper serving the Italian American community. 
  • Spend the summer in Italy, volunteering at the Summer Camps at the Oratories of Lombardy.
  • The SITE Program (Study, Intercultural Training and Experience) is a paid internship program for English Teaching Assistants in the schools of the Region of Lombardy, Italy. It is an excellent opportunity for students or new graduates who wish to get a better understanding of the Italian language and culture while assisting the Italian teachers in their work. The program, established in 2005, promotes linguistic and intercultural exchange within Europe and across the globe. The program is open to undergraduate students who are currently completing or have recently completed (within the last 18 months) college-level Italian language and culture.
  • Scuola di Italiano Dante Alighieri  – Camerino-Recanati - (Regione MARCHE)
    Corsi di Lingua e Cultura Italiana   -

    To learn about scholarship opportunities for this program, please see Professor Ricci, Department Chair.

Former students' comments about study abroad programs:

  • Laura Silla (video about her experience with the SITE Program).
  • After graduation, I spent two incredible years of my life in Milan, in northern Italy, with the SITE Program. Once past the initial culture shock and homesickness, I found myself right at home in this simultaneously busy and laid-back city. I had to decide to push past my comfort zone in many areas, and the resulting personal growth was more than worth it. Italy takes a combination of diligent preparation and winging it, and you have to be okay with things not going as planned. I became a natural at lazy strolls, ice-cream in hand of course, marveling again and again at the incredible architecture and landscaping around me. I met friends who have become family, I tried incredible cuisine, I am now a bit of a fashionista, and I have a repertoire of wonderful experiences I love telling my students of Italian. Nothing worth anything comes easy, but considering how incredible Milan was, my time there just might be the exception." (Allegra Flechter, 2012)
  • "About the SITE Program in Lombardy:
    I worked at a high school called Istituto Salvador Allende in Milan. My job was to encourage speaking as much as possible in the classroom with dialogues, debates, games, discussions, etc. I think the best lesson I did was one in which I brought in a bunch of clothing and had the students create and act out dialogues as if they were at a store shopping. Outside of the classroom, I found that one challenging aspect of participating in SITE was building up my social life. Starting off, the only person my age that I knew was the other American teaching assistant at my school and my only commitment was the 12 hours of teaching required each week by the program. Some of the things that I did to change this were: 1) Joining a local gym. 2) Seeking out opportunities for giving private lessons. 3) Contacting and meeting up with other SITE assistants placed in Milan. 4) Looking for and attending events to meet locals. (Every Thursday, I went to a popular English-speaking happy hour at a bar and always met lots of Italians there.) There are plenty of ways to build a community in the city you're placed in. You just have to put in the effort! Overall, I really enjoyed my year in Milan and would be happy to answer any questions people have about my experience." (Cindy Colombus, 2014)
  • "Il mio tempo in Sorrento, Italia è stato meraviglioso (2018) – le classi, i viaggi dappertutto, e le interazioni con tutti gli italiani, particolarmente la famiglia con cui vivevo e i parenti che ho incontrato in Calabria! Non vedo l’ora di tornare in Italia. Il video vi dà tutti i highlights del mio tempo, ma Spero di raccontarvi tutto in più dettagli quando ritornerò nell’autunno." (Matthew Reichwein, 2020) Video

Several organizations also provide funding to students of Italian and sponsor programming and travel opportunities such as:

The Coccia Foundation

The Coccia Foundation, which was started in 1994 as the Joseph and Elda Charitable Foundation, has provided a wide range of philanthropic aid to an ever-expanding list of worthy recipients. A short list of those they have supported include​:

  • State colleges in New Jersey, New York, California, and South Carolina, and community colleges in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
  • The establishment of Student Italian Clubs in many Colleges and Universities and Networking of same.
  • Initiated an Italian Books Study Collection – Distribution to local libraries.
  • Scholarships and grants in support of Italian Study Abroad Programs, as well as awards for annual achievements.
  • Italian Studies Chairs in New Jersey, New York, and California.
  • Cultural programs through a number of schools, educational foundations, and Italian and non-Italian organizations.
  • Awards Criteria

  • Awards Application

ITALIANA – Language, Culture, Creativity in the World

ITALIANA is the portal for the promotion of Italian culture and language abroad by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
In addition to news about international events, exhibitions, and projects focused on the Italian language and culture, ITALIANA provides information regarding awards and artist residencies, grants, and scholarships.

For further information, please visit the website.



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