A Message from the Career & Civic Engagement Center

The Black Alumnae/i Fund is administered by the Career & Civic Engagement Center, beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year. This summer, the Fund supported two undergraduate students who identify as part of the African Diaspora in their internships. Click here to view a record of this year's funding distributions.

The Career & Civic Engagement Center (the Center) is excited to amplify, award, and support the Black Alumnae/i Fund. This Fund, along with others, supports unpaid summer internships so that students can bring their academic studies to life in a professional setting. The Center, with an incredible team of supportive staff including career peers and civic engagement coordinators (paid student advisors), helps students move from idea to implementation of a summer internship. This team guides students through the process of seeking out potential organizations, resume editing, and interview preparation.

Students who receive summer internship funding participate in Center programming where they learn about their personal strengths and reflect on their experiences. In addition to this self-inquiry, students learn how to put together a personal budget and navigate a professional setting. They apply the learning from these opportunities to affirm their interest areas or to pivot. Building self-awareness through reflection encourages students to discover their pathways, seek advice, take risks, and set goals for life after Bryn Mawr. 

This year provided unique opportunities for career programming. Students exhibited great determination and resiliency, securing internships with various organizations across the world. As the pandemic subsides and we look toward a new future, I know the Black Alumnae/i Fund will support students’ ambitions as they continue to find and create amazing internship opportunities. 

Thank you for supporting the long-term sustainability of the Black Alumnae/i Fund. In addition to providing this important funding, you demonstrate that there is a community of supporters championing students who identify as part of the African Diaspora. Your generosity impacts current and future generations of Bryn Mawr students.

—Katie Krimmel
Associate Dean, Career & Civic Engagement Center

Aug. 2021


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