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The Black Alumnae/i Fund is administered by the Career & Civic Engagement Center, beginning in the 2020-2021 academic year. This summer, the Fund supported four undergraduate students who identify as part of the African Diaspora in their internships. Click here to view a record of this year's funding distributions. Click on the Summer Internships logo above to read more about students' experiences.*

The Career & Civic Engagement Center (the Center) is excited to continue partnering with the Black Alumnae/i Fund to amplify, award, and support the Fund. Since its revitalization in the 2020-2021 academic year, we have come to count on this Fund to support unpaid summer internships so that students can translate their academic experiences into a professional setting.

As part of the summer internship program, the Center empowers students to dive into their academic and personal strengths, learn how to navigate a professional setting, and develop tangible skills (like creating a budget) that will serve them in life. This program, as well as their experience in the internship, helps students apply their learning outside of the classroom and explore potential interests or work environments. Throughout the process, students are encouraged to reflect on what is or maybe is not working, discover new pathways, and continue developing their vision for life after Bryn Mawr.  

“My experience and growth during the internship influenced my professional networking, working support system, communication among the behavior health field, and provided helpful resources for post-graduation plans.” –2022 Black Alumnae/i Fund recipient

I enjoyed finding intersectionality in all I want to do as someone who wants to work with a diverse array of communities outside of the ones I grew up in.” –2022 Black Alumnae/i Fund recipient

“This internship gave me fresh inspiration for how I’m going to approach the upcoming year and has prepared me to put my best foot forward in all of my academic studies.” –2022 Black Alumnae/i Fund recipient

The impact of the Black Alumnae/i Fund goes beyond its recipients. As students learn about this Fund and other opportunities, they are encouraged to engage in the variety of services that the Center offers. Our team, including students who serve as career peers and civic engagement coordinators, helps students move from ideas to implementation of summer internships, externships, and the job search. This group of advocates offers students support in seeking out potential organizations, networking, resume editing, preparing for interviews, and designing their lives.

Thank you for supporting this work through the Black Alumnae/i Fund. It demonstrates that there is a community of supporters championing students who identify as part of the African Diaspora in their personal and professional growth.

—Katie Krimmel
Associate Dean, Career & Civic Engagement Center

* As of 9/23 not all student blogs are available for viewing. Please check back often for updates.


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