Black Alumnae/i Fund: Testimonials

Read below to learn more about why supporting the Fund is meaningful to donors and recipients. 

The Black Alumnae/i Fund] was so meaningful to me in many different ways. It was meaningful for me because a group of smart, strong, sophisticated black women affirmed me in my moment of need. They let me know that my dreams were valid, and that they were deserving of being seen through. I remember that moment now as a teacher, as I am responsible for affirming the hopes and dreams of my many students. —Frankie Dillard '10, Black Alumnae/i Fund recipient

The Black Alumnae/i Fund provides the opportunity of choice. One of the greatest joys in this world is knowing you have a network that will support you in your endeavors, dreams, and ambition. This fund symbolizes liberation in supporting Black students/students' from the African Diaspora ability to choose their destination, journey, and ventures. It notes the sky is not the limit, and that sometimes all you need is that one thing to help get you to where you need to be. This is freedom not captivated by financial constraints. —Anita Ntem ’18

I support the Black Alumnae/i Fund because it's important to show the College and its Black students that Alumnae are invested in each Black student's success. To me it is important that Black students are affirmed during their time at Bryn Mawr. It is also important that as Alumnae/i we volunteer and join spaces where we can make a change and create a more inclusive environment for current and future Black Mawrters. Supporting the Black Alumnae/i Fund is just one way in which I do that.—Tsega Meshesha '13

I support the Black Alumnae/i Fund because I believe it is important for students to be able to participate in internships and projects that provide them with learning opportunities outside of the classroom. Access to these opportunities is sometimes limited or prohibited by students’ lack of funding. Consequently, I contribute so future alumnae/i may expand their experiential learning and potentially discover a new field of study or career path, and meet people who may influence their lives in ways they had not imagined.—Gail Stennies ’81

Supporting the Black Alumnae/i Fund allows me to give back a portion of what was given to me as a Bryn Mawr student. I would not have attended without the generous financial aid package I received, and I would not have found my way to one of my professional loves—cultural programming—had it not been for my dean and faculty mentors supporting my pursuit of an internship at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. That experience changed my life, sending me back to the classroom re-energized and even more convinced of the power of art to change lives. The Black Alumnae/i Fund empowers today’s Bryn Mawr students to seek their own such transformative moments by allowing them to center their interests rather than their financial circumstances. It is my honor to be a small part of this important and necessary endeavor. —Jennifer Wilks '95


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