Areas of Impact

Bryn Mawr Fund Areas of Impact

Students: Opportunities and Experiences

Expanding our financial aid resources and providing students with countless experiences that fuel their passion for learning are key to Bryn Mawr’s future competitiveness. We must assure that Bryn Mawr remains a beacon for the best and brightest, and enable those from every background to chase their dreams at Bryn Mawr.

Faculty: Great Minds and Astounding Ideas

Help us recruit and retain phenomenal scholars and teachers who invigorate the Bryn Mawr community. Invest in great teaching and support the scholarship of outstanding faculty. Nurture the curricular innovation that puts Bryn Mawr students ahead of the curve.

Infrastructure: A Campus for a New Era

Bryn Mawr is not only one of the crown jewels of American academic architecture; it’s a living, breathing site of discovery that requires cutting-edge infrastructure. Help preserve its iconic and historically significant buildings at the same time that we create the facilities that match the needs of today’s students and faculty.

All of the Above

Building an even stronger Bryn Mawr Fund is essential to ensuring that a Bryn Mawr College education remains second to none. Gifts to The Bryn Mawr Fund aggregate to provide extraordinary experiences for today’s students and enable us to seize opportunities as they arise. Bryn Mawr’s ability to dream big dreams responsibly depends on its community of highly engaged alumnae/i, parents and friends.


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