Previous Grant Projects

Educational Technology Services has lead or collaborated on several grant-funded projects. To get a better sense of what sort of work we do, or to get ideas for your own class or project, see the following collection of our projects past and present:

Mellon Liberal Arts for the Digital Age: Wide-ranging, included funding for the Blended Learning Conference, Internships and Post-Baccalaureate fellowships and small classroom “seed grants” for the liberal arts. For more information on the Mellon-funded seed grant projects, see details by year:

Other grant-funded projects:

  • FITW Just-In-Time, Blended Math: Online, interactive math modules for students to take as needed during introductory science courses.
  • Educational Applications for the Microsoft HoloLens: Bryn Mawr partnered with Pearson Education to provide faculty and students with the opportunity to explore, develop, and test educational applications for the Microsoft HoloLens.
  • Teagle Courseware Development: Open, blended training in psychology research and statistics.
  • TIDES Computational Skill-Building: Computational modules for physics, with an emphasis on incorporating stories that highlight the careers and work of non-Western, women, and under-represented minority scientists.
  • NGLC Study: The precursor to our current initiative, exploring benefits of blended learning in a liberal arts context.