The Career & Civic Engagement team is pleased to be using the Mawrter Connect platform for the Externship Program. If you are an Alumnae/i interested in the Externship Program but unable to host a student for the upcoming Winter or Spring sessions, you can sign-up using the Externship Program interest form to be added to the Externship outreach list.

The Extern Program enables students to explore different career options by allowing a firsthand glimpse into a field of interest. By shadowing professionals in their workplace, you can begin to explore your interests and learn about various opportunities. The advice and guidance which you receive from alumnae/i in this shadowing experience will help you identify potential career options.

From two days to two weeks during Winter or Spring break, externs observe and talk with alumnae/i sponsors and their colleagues. In most cases, you participate in the normal routines of the sponsors, following your hosts throughout their workday or working on special projects. Often, the externs spend time in several departments to gain insight into allied positions in the sponsor's particular career.

Questions? Contact Alexis Bradford at abradford@brynmawr.edu.


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