Internships are short-term work experiences that allow you to participate and observe in a professional working environment and explore your career interests.

Internships are highly beneficial because you can gain an inside view to an industry and the organization, develop new skills and apply what you learn at BMC, make connections with professionals, and learn more about your interests through practical work experience.

Finding an Internship

There are three ways to find an internship:

  • Posted opportunities are those that are searchable on company websites, internship sites, and job posting systems like Handshake. These are advertised openings typically part of an established program.
  • Hidden opportunities are not searchable on a job posting site. Networking with friends, family, mentors, and alumnae/I and former employers is the primary way that you can find unadvertised internships.
  • Self-Designed opportunities are those created by the student and organization together. Students can approach an organization with a proposal or idea, or offer their skills to this employer of interest. This takes initiative and time, but allows you to collaborate with the organization in designing a project that they need.

Learn more about Career Engagement resources to search for internships.

Timeline for Internships

Deadlines for internships vary depending on the field. Knowing when and how certain industries recruit will help you to strategize your plan of action. This is helpful if you have specific interests in mind, or help you to anticipate what you may see if you are still unsure of what type of internship you want.

For summer internships: Larger organizations, specifically corporate (most financial services and consulting firms), government agencies, media companies, and large research institutions, will begin to recruit in the fall and early spring for summer internships. Nonprofit organizations and smaller companies will conduct in-time hiring (as needed basis), with deadlines beginning in January and into the summer. The majority of students are notified about summer internship applications in March/early April.

College-Sponsored Internships

Bryn Mawr offers unique internship and research programs both on and off campus. These opportunities are fully funded by the College and include structured programming:

  • Bi-Co Dalun Summer Action Laɣim Tehi Tuma
  • Civic Engagement Summer of Service
  • Internship Partnerships
  • Summer Research in the Sciences
  • Impact Center Summer Fellowships

Learn more about these programs.

Funding your Internship

Funding for independently-secured summer internships and some research are available for rising sophomores, juniors and seniors at Bryn Mawr College. Please visit the Summer Funding page to learn about the different grants and fellowships.

Academic Credit for Internships

Academic Year Internships

Academic credit is available for academic year internships through the Civic Engagement Praxis Program

Summer Internships

Students doing internships during the summer can receive 0.5 credits (credit/no-credit) by registering for GNST 030: Personal Development: Springboard. To be eligible to enroll in the course:

  • Students must be pursuing either a full-time summer internship with a minimum of 240 hours, or part-time internships under 240 hours, with a minimum of 180 hours,  (across 8-10 weeks).
  • Students cannot exceed the 5.5 credit max for the Fall 2024. 
  • Students must take part in the Beyond Bryn Mawr Summer Internship Program, which is an integral part of the course.
  • Students can enroll a maximum of two times.
  • Students must be returning as actively enrolled students in the Fall semester. Graduating seniors are not eligible.

Students can register here. The deadline to register for the course is May 15 and you are encouraged to complete the registration link as early as possible. Students who are interested in learning more about this credit course can contact Katie Krimmel at for more information.

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