Institutional Review Board Requirements

Students Applying for Research Funding

Proposed research projects on human subjects must be reviewed by the College Institutional Review Board (IRB). Any recipient of College-funding for research that involves human subjects will be required to get approval from the IRB prior to commencing research.

Students who are applying for funding to support their research involving human subjects must consult with their faculty advisor about the IRB process as part of their funding application process. ** Failure to attain IRB approval will jeopardize a funding award **

More Information: IRB process for student research 

Student Research on Human Subjects while Abroad:

If your proposed research will take place outside of the U.S., the IRB will require that you have a local point person available for any questions that might arise during your research overseas. This point person, or Local Sponsor should have an affiliation with a University and/or NGO and have knowledge of the conditions surrounding research in the proposed context.

When applying for funding, you will need to provide the College with information about the Local Sponsor you have secured. The Local Sponsor will need to confirm this arrangement.

IRB General Meetings at which the IRB reviews proposals can be found on the IRB website.


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