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What is the Daily Digest?

The Daily Digest is Bryn Mawr College’s daily e-newsletter sent out to all of campus, listing important information in regards to upcoming or day-of Announcements and Events. The Daily Digest arrives by email just after midnight each weekday during the academic year.

The goals of the Daily Digest are:

  • To decrease the quantity of mass emails each person receives in their inbox
  • To increase visibility and awareness of campus happenings by encouraging email readership by having everything in one place

How can I submit my Event or Announcement to the Daily Digest?

The Daily Digest is made up of a compilation of Events and Announcements submitted by members of the Bryn Mawr College community. Anyone can submit a request for consideration. An Announcement or Event will only appear in the Daily Digest if a request is submitted by 10 a.m. the day before the Event and/or any requested advertisement dates and if the location and catering has been approved by Conferences and Events prior to submission. 

Note: Over the summer, the Daily Digest will be sent every two weeks, and will cover the upcoming two weeks' worth of events.

Summer 2022 Daily Digest Publication Schedule

  • Monday, May 16
  • Tuesday, May 31 (due to the Memorial Day holiday) 
  • Monday, June 13
  • Monday, June 27
  • Monday, July 11
  • Monday, July 25
  • Monday, Aug. 8
  • Monday, Aug. 22 (resumes regular schedule)

Note: Bryn Mawr College strives to provide equal access to all College-sponsored activities and events. Learn more by reading the College's accessibility policy for events.

Questions? Email communications@brynmawr.edu.

How many times can I submit an Event?

Each Event will be promoted on the day of the event, with the option to select two additional dates, for a total of three occurrences in the Daily Digest.

How many times can I submit an Announcement?

Each Announcement may be promoted on up to two dates.

How are the Daily Digest and the Events calendar on brynmawr.edu related?

Events that are submitted to the Daily Digest also appear as part of the brynmawr.edu Events calendar.

Events can be syndicated to sections and pages on brynmawr.edu.

To learn more, visit the following resource pages:

A note about listserv usage:  

Prior to the Daily Digest, individuals used mailing lists (listservs) to send mass emails. These listservs still exist and include many niche lists as well as others that encompass large segments of the Bryn Mawr community.   

Lists for faculty, staff, each undergraduate class, and each graduate school are automatically maintained. These lists are intended to be used in a very limited fashion for important information that pertains to all members of each list. Examples would include (but are not limited to) messages from the President's Office, housing information for students, human resources updates for faculty and staff, or faculty governance information for the faculty. Solicitation or fundraising of any kind is prohibited.  

College Communications does not moderate or administer campus listservs. For more information on listservs, go here.


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