Dean's Panel

Although the Honor Code provides the guiding principles of the Bryn Mawr community, the College also has in place a set of administrative policies to deal with circumstances that are inappropriate for the Honor Board to address.

A Dean's Panel is conducted in the spirit of the values affirmed in the Bryn Mawr Honor Code: a belief in the integrity of each individual, a concern for others, and a commitment to dialogue. A Dean's Panel may be convened to investigate and resolve certain concerns about a student's behavior raised by students, faculty or professional staff.  All members of the community should realize that being called before a Dean's Panel in no way implies a presumption of guilt.

In general, a Dean’s Panel will be convened to deal with (a) disciplinary issues inappropriate to the Honor Board; (b) circumstances in which the well-being or safety of undergraduate students may be in jeopardy; (c) circumstances in which College resources, policies or property have been abused. In determining whether or not a Dean’s Panel is appropriate, the Dean (or her designee) will consult with the head of the Honor Board and such members of the professional staff of the College as circumstances indicate.

For more information, please consult the current Student Handbook.