Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information about final exams, schedules, policies, etc?

The Registrar's Office is the expert on all things related to final exams.  Read more here:


How should I approach the end of the semester?

  • Review your syllabi and other information provided by your professor and make sure you know what is due when.
  • Remember that done is good! Completing all your work in the available time  means you can’t always do your absolute best. You’ll do the best that is feasible.  And remembering that done is good can help you with that.  

What are the policies on extensions at the end of the semester?

We know that some students experience extenuating circumstances that may keep them from completing all work by assigned deadlines. If you think you may be in this position, here’s what you need to know:

  • Extensions into the finals period may be arranged directly between the student and the professor. It may be helpful for you or your professor to bring your dean into the conversation, but this is not required. 
  • If time is needed beyond the last day of finals (Mary 12 at 12:30pm), please contact your faculty and dean well in advance to discuss the possibility of an extension. Permission of both is required for an extension to be granted.  Extensions past finals are rare and should be as short as possible so that students can know that the semester's work is done and so that faculty can submit grades by the due date (May 20). 
  • Extensions past the graduating senior deadline of May 6 are EXCEEDINGLY rare and may jeopardize a student’s completion of the degree.
  • Occasionally, when illness or other circumstances have been impacting a student throughout the semester, a student, instructor and dean decide that the best plan is for the student  to withdraw from a course. Please email your professor and your dean if you feel you are in this situation. The deadline to withdraw from a class is the last day of classes (for Haverford) or before all final work is due (for Bryn Mawr). 
  • Please consult our page on extensions for more infomation and guidance.

If I encounter unexpected difficulties during finals week, what help is available?  

The Dean’s Office, Counseling Center, Impact Center  for Community, Equity, and Understanding (formerly known as the Pensby Center) and more all have regular hours  through the end of finals week, and we encourage you to make use of these as needed. On-line resources like Protocol and MySSP are also available throughout this time as well, and many students have found them helpful.  As always, call Campus Safety at 610-526-7911 in case of any emergency.  

When will we find out whether we got into the classes we signed up for?

The Registrar’s Office will send out more information soon, but you can expect to hear about any Bryn Mawr soon after the end of finals. We are not sure about the timetable for Haverford courses. 

When will BiONiC reopen for changes to my schedule, including signing up for PE, etc?

We don't have the detailed calendar yet, but stay tuned for more information.  

I want to talk about my specific circumstances with my dean, how do I schedule?

Monday through Friday Zoom-in hours from 330-430

Individual appointments are also available.