3.2 Privacy, security and preservation

If you've put measures in place to protect your information, you're well on your way to this digital competency.

Developing this competency involves:

  • Developing and practicing strategies for protecting your own data and data entrusted to you against theft, misappropriation, or loss. 
  • Learning how to secure digital devices (laptops, smart phones) and accounts (college account, Gmail, etc.) against intrusion and loss.
  • Learning how to identify sensitive information (e.g., personally identifying information, financial information, educational information) that requires higher than usual levels of protection. 

Student-Curated Resources

This Lynda site has various beginner level videos that show the techniques used by hackers to get personal data and how to safeguard against them. There are also a few intermediate level videos for those who would like to delve deeper into Cybersecurity. Students may also want to check out Stay Safe Online from the National Cyber Security Alliance.